5 generation long pedigree for Knavery Brentchase Glamour Girl (<1970)

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VA1 (BSZS 2018) long coat son for sale in USA
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Buick Maveka - son Alex z Kristova !!
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VA1 Willy vom Kuckucksland son for sale
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Pedigree for

Knavery Brentchase Glamour Girl (<1970)

Eng. Ch. Am. Ch. Kimvalley Crispin

Eng. Ch. Sandylands Tandy

Aust. Ch. Sandylands Tan
ENG CH Sandylands Tweed Of Blaircourt
#1 A.S.
ENG CH Ruler Of Blaircourt #1 A.S.
#1 A.S.
ENG SH CH Tessa Of Blaircourt #1 A.S.
Sandylands Annabel
KCSB/SKK 24889/58
ENG CH Cissbury Adventure
#1 A.S.
ENG SH CH Sandylands Juno #1 A.S.
Sandylands Shadow
ENG SH CH/AM/CAN CH Sam Of Blaircourt
KC/SB1911AR, SKK 974776
Hawk Of Luscander
Olivia Of Blaircourt
Diant Pride
Eng. Ch. Poppleton Lieutenant
Eng. Ch. Diant Juliet
Kimvalley Guildown Cassandra

Eng. Ch. Whatstandwell CoronetFC Whatstandwell Hiwood BrandDUAL CHAMPION
DCh. Staindrop Saighdear DUAL CHAMPION
Dawn of Whatstandwell
Eng. Ch. Honey Of WhatstandwellHoney Badger
Bracken Of Whatstandwell
Guildown EcruEng. Ch. Diant Swandyke Cream CrackerEng. Ch. Poppleton Golden Flight
Lassie of Freiston
Guildown MargheritaMax of Den
Guildown Gay
GB:CH Brentchase Pompadour

Ch. Cornlands Peter So Gay

Eng. Ch. Diant Swandyke Cream CrackerEng. Ch. Poppleton Golden FlightPoppleton Golden Russet
Modney Crocus
Lassie of FreistonGobo of Tibshelf
Freiston Trixie
Flush of CornlandsSharpash Roy (<1935)Rex (<) 1933
Golden Bream (<1931)
Morning Sunrise (1949)Alby Golden Corn (<1929)
Judy (<) 1942
Brentchase Polly Flinders

GB:F.T.CH Minstrel Of Glenmorag (1950)Am. Ch. Braedrop BruceDUAL CHAMPION
DCh. Staindrop Saighdear DUAL CHAMPION
FC Braeroy Fudge
Glenmorag Parella of Podington (<1949)Neptune Of Hinwick (<1946)
F.T.W. Polka Of Podington (4/1937)
Brentchase HeidemarieRoffey Robin '<1949'Eng. Ch. Ballyduff Orangeman
Wildwains Anity (<1947)
Brentchase Anna Lady (<1949)Rusty Of Harperley (<1947)
Vida Of Harperley (<1947)

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