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by Koots on 03 October 2020 - 17:10

Another thing to consider is if you intend to transport your dog by air. Some of these crates need accessories or mods to be airline-approved. The Ruffland crates come standard with a plastic door, so this must be exchanged for a metal door if doing air transport and you must add handles (there are threaded inserts for this).   I really like the side and front door models of these Ruffland crates, as it increases the versatility and configurations for different vehicles.

by GSCat on 05 October 2020 - 05:10

MWD crate

If the latch is now being made of plastic, replace with metal.

Unfortunately, XL and not giant sized. Perhaps the company would fabricate. For the price they charge for this crate, I would hope that they would, or maybe they already do and it's just not on the website.

Since someone was wondering how they manage to escape...

If a dog puts enough pressure on a plastic crate, such as by jumping, twirling, rocking, impacting, etc., it momentarily deforms the plastic enough that the metal vertical door pin-looking part can come out of the hole, or the screw piece that holds two clamshells together can come unscrewed and then the clamshells can separate just enough, even if momentarily, to allow the same metal vertical door pin-looking part to come out of the hole. The same can happen with the horizontal pin-looking part that serves as the door latch. The crates that require pushing in on a latch to turn the round piece to latch or unlatch are only a little better than the "regular" ones. Plastic is also breakable and chewable. Given enough incentive, "that dog" will get out of most plastic crates with metal doors that swing open. My dog thinks it's a great game, and it only took her once to figure it out.

Due to a horrible experience my dog had with a wire crate when she was a puppy, I will never, ever use one again for another dog. She could have broken her neck and died if I had not been home at the time and extricated her.

by jillmissal on 05 October 2020 - 20:10

I have 12 Impact crates, enough for both of my vehicles (Sprinter van and Toyota Tundra). I don't think I'd consider anything but a metal crate for security. I have some complaints about Impact but not enough to keep me from continuing to buy them.

Metal wire crates are a hard no for me no matter the situation. Wire exercise pens, same.

Plastic airline crates have their place but security in a vehicle is not one of them IMO.


by GK1 on 27 October 2020 - 14:10

Dakota283 G3 - I recently got this for my 25”, 75lb GS. Solid design with steel, locking door. A bit more heavier than the ruff land, but more $$.  The carry handle on top is a solid point to strap in the truck bed.


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