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by RLHAR on 11 December 2019 - 17:12

My 10 year old male suffered an acute ruptured disc on August 28th this year.

I never really had the option to try treatment therapy as he was emotionally traumatized by the event and refused to eat in the next 12 hours, so I took him straight to a neurologist the on the 30th.

He was taken into surgery on the 31st.

It's now December 11 and he is walking fine, up and down stairs, running and can even hop into the back of the truck. That last one is very helpful as he's 80lbs!! And just today he performed for a collection and has viable semen count.

My thought process back in August was simple. If he couldn't return to a quality of life function, it would not be fair to him to leave him in a crippled body. I know all dogs are different, and some GSDs are happy couch potatoes when they reach 'retirement' age. But he is working lines, and was in obvious mental distress by the event he would have probably suffered from complications due to depression. The neurologist said if it was a ruptured disc the surgery would give him 90%+ mobility back.

So I bit the bullet picked up Care Credit and paid for the MRI and surgery. My bank account hates me, but best move I've ever made. He was off all medications (Codeine for the first post surgery week, Gabapentin) by early October and in a sling for less than a week.

It sounds like the conservative treatment approach is giving you results that are positive steps for you and for her. Talking with the neurologist was a very good step, because I learned a lot from him about what was happening each step of the way. This was information my regular vet couldn't provide, and it helped me make an informed decision and also to make informed decisions throughout my dog's recovery. I agree with folks suggesting that it is still worth talking to a neurologist, even if you have no interest in going a surgical route.


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