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by Hired Dog on 20 October 2019 - 15:10

Centurian, when I need a dog, I need one to work. Having said that, IF that purple color Malinois or GSD or that pink Doberman fits my needs, that is all that matters.
I am NOT and will never be a breeder, I leave that to others that have the time, experience and dedication.
I have owned and worked more Malinois X....then purebreds, a few that came in blue and other my desire to wash them all the time because they looked dusty, they were great dogs.
If I were a breeder, I am certain that all those issues you mentioned would be very important to me, but, as long as the dog fits my needs and I can live with it, that is all that matters.

by apple on 23 October 2019 - 08:10

You example of white GSDs being an example of how color indicates the quality of genetics is flawed. It not because white per se is the reason for faulty genetics, but rather, other traits are not selected for if they won't led to producing a white dog. Von Stephanitz' early writings about white dogs being inferior due to paling or lack of pigment is not scientifically valid. The problem is breeding for only white at the expense of other desirable traits. The early white GSDs were not degenerate or linked to biological problems. The same is true for liver (bb) colored GSDs. It used to be believed that liver might be lethal, but that is now considered improbable. On a more pragmatic basis, the GSD people are so caught up with standards, coat colors, etc., but have tons of health problems compared to Mals. The fact that there are so many more GSDs is probably a factor.

Q Man

by Q Man on 23 October 2019 - 08:10

As to what you want and what you'd get...I would say the Color is something you need to think about...A lot of people buy a dog thinking they'd never breed but then once they get the dog they say they should have waited and gotten a dog that they could breed...
I suggest that you write down all the "wishes" for a dog you'd get and how much you'd be willing to pay...and remember if it's an Import (bringing it in from another country) you'll have to be paying Shipping...
And finally think about what you want and know what you're getting...then be happy with it...


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