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by Big Brad on 07 December 2010 - 23:12


by mike stand on 08 December 2010 - 00:12

 Why Just put ? big Brad, What question are you asking?

Does ? really help anyone in this thread?

by banna on 05 January 2011 - 00:01


only stumbled onto this forum as clearing out documents and found pedigree for my Lab

Banna was given to me as an 14 month old dog by a couple who couldnt really handle him , i trained him up and he soon became the most irrepelacble working dog and pet one could ever imagine and as he had the looks aswell he sired over 5 litters

now the interesting bit , a freind of mine used him as a stud and wanted to KC register the litter , we then found out his pedigree had been doctored aswell as some immunistation certs aswell , we drew a blank when trying to conact vantoak gundogs

now the sad bit banna developed a sarcoma cancer tumor on his upper jaw  in 2007 and after 2 operations and  , chemotherapy he sadly lost his batle and died 2 months ago nov 2010 , the void he left is immense the only comfort i have is seeing his offspring taking his place in the field  although sadly some of these have developed some faults that had i  known i would of not of bred him in particular one has a very bad stomach

It is quite obvious from my experience that things dont add up when it comes to this line

not only has this cost in the region of 8K for vets bills I bred from a dog with faults ,and not least i lost too early my best friend

by in the know on 09 January 2011 - 19:01

all the dogs sold by this scum are not pedigree, the labs and king charles come from a puppy farm in wales as for the other breeds im not sure but you can be sure that it will be from a puppy farm. all the paper work is false in cluding any vet certs, keep well away from this man

by ANTY on 22 January 2011 - 21:01

 My Puppy * COCO * sired by RAVENSPUR HUGO & RAVENSPUR AMBER She was born on on 10 Nov 07 & she died just over a year later with renal failier . :-(
I still miss her every day & so does my heartbroken 6 year old. A terrible experience which i previously wrote about at the beggining of this thread years ago just read with interest the messages from people over the last few years & cant believe how many people have been hurt by this man/company with poorly dogs. Ive never written on a site before but glad i did if it helped anyone in anyway. I hope he dosnt still deal with animals !

by jedward on 23 January 2011 - 09:01

I have been making enquiries about the devastating financial trail left by these two that would perhaps explain the different names used It would appear that besides a birth name and  previous married name Mrs Christiane Vant as she likes to be known is really Mrs Christine Vant. I am sure I as many others hope they succeed in the future in France. . I understand John /Damian /Toby   did take  one or two old dogs    to France when he moved..

by E Smith on 07 February 2011 - 17:02

this man is out in force again, and guess what peeps under a new name!

Although he wont use his name!!!! As I am sure he gets tripped up to who he is

McCormack International! John Vine! Stay away from ads in Ad trader, although gun and search dog training, dont sell to the public!! Fool me!

He needs stopping in his tracks before he destroys more peoples dreams!

I would love to go in force and stop this so and so!


by Lilah2010 on 09 February 2011 - 16:02

I’ve just come across the forum and wanted to tell my story.

After much discussion we decided to purchase a family dog and we chose on the easy temperament of a Labrador due the fact that we have two young boys and in particular an 8 years old child with Downs Syndrome who gets very affectionate with animals. We saw in our local free paper, Friday ad, an advert for Pedigree Puppies: I had a long conversation with a chap called Toby, spoke to him about our family and in particular our special needs and he informed me that they predominantly breed and trained for the Armed Forces and the Police but occasionally, when they have surplus in the litter they sell to the public. He reassured me that he’s been breeding for 30 years, he knows both the mother and father and he’s an excellent reputation for supplying quality dogs with easy temperaments. We purchased what he described as a Black/Brown Lab. When leaving they stated that there was a good chance that the puppy, due to re homing, may have diarrhea and if it continued for more than 2 days to call them back. The dog had horrendous diarrhea, mucus and bloody stools in its crate and outside. It didn’t clear up (in fact it took over 4 months). My wife called and they posted some pills (I guess they knew what to send!), they didn’t work. 2 weeks later my son who has Downs Syndrome fell very ill with a high fever, stomach cramps and awful diarrhea. We had a stool sample tested and it came back positive with Campylobacter, he had a week off school. My youngest Son then went down with exactly the same; he had 8 days off school. The VET is 100% sure it is the dog that has passed this highly infectious disease onto my children. It is our belief that this breeder knowingly supplied a very young family with special needs a dog that not only was infected with Campylobacter but a dog with no known and questionable history. I called Toby to discuss he didn’t want to talk about it and said he’d call me back in an hour, I never heard back. I’ve reported him to various authorities but haven’t had anything back. The Dog now seems to be fine, very bouncy and great with the children, after reading the various threads I’m concerned what the future may hold! Fingers Crossed!!

by ANTY on 10 February 2011 - 22:02

 Lilah2010   - I feel so sorry for you and all the problems you have had :-(  I to wanted a lab for my son & drove miles as this companys add stood out better than the rest.  Sadley my girl died at just over 1 yr old & left my little boy & me heartbroken. An experience i hope no one who has bought from this company / man has to go through. I do hope your dog is fine now & will have a long & healthy life. Ill keep everything crossed for you  xxx

by E Smith on 15 February 2011 - 21:02

 Hi All

We are still fighting, and prepared to go to court over this man, who seems to be destroying so many family homes.
I wouldn't mind, we are not buying a piece of furniture here, these poor animals, and I am sure they all have so much love now.
They cant tell me who its registered with, funny we bought a registered puppy, and did anyone buy from a Women called Diane? As I have her recoreded telling me they are KC registered puppies, but then I here from whatever they call themselves, saying def not KC registered.
They don't want anyone breeding their fantastic pedigree! Well I bet as this is prob fake too!
If anyone has any evidence which can nail these people one and for all! Please get in touch!



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