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by jedward on 05 June 2010 - 12:06

I wonder who Sticky Toffee, Charlie Brown,G .Stuart and Steven Blundell are?

by mike stand on 28 June 2010 - 16:06

We bought a Labrador from the people mentioned above in 2007, touch wood he's a lovely dog in good health. I was told at the time of purchase he would be K.C  registered and about 2 weeks later received a kennel and canine registration co. certificate.  Not the Kennel club registration I was expecting and had paid for.

It makes no difference to me now as i  don't intend to breed or show him, just made me very angry at the time to have been, what i feel was conned.
Just done a search of the postcode from the k&c reg co cert, to find it comes up at the same address from where we bought the dog, I don't know how old the advert in the link below  is, but it seems empty and for sale here

by Joyous on 03 July 2010 - 13:07

David Smith?!!!
thats the name of their vet,where i believe they have now set up kennels, in Deal or dover,  so im thinking that was a posting by John Vant ( or Toby De Vere as we were lead to believe)giving another false lead.They certainly do have a property in france, they touted the pics around the local pub, but fear that is not the real address. Mrs Vant was also known to be quite a show off, but very rude.

They had a girl working there last year called Shelley, i have no contact details for her, but she did have horses which she said she kept locally to charing. i will see if i can find the the number we wrote down for her.
The kennels were spotless when we visited, but very quiet- we have since found out they may have had the adults vocal cords cut, as they gave a dog to a friend of a friend, when upon investigation this was discovered to be the case. 
Puppies were being brought in regularly (once a week) in a burgundy coloured car- which was purchased in a garage in wales!!!-coincidence i think not!

Please  if you have any genuine details,regarding this chap, messgage me, as i have been compiling quite an interesting case against them, and i can guarantee anonimity.

by CHILSTON SMOKER on 24 July 2010 - 18:07

In reply to comments reguarding JV or TOBY !!!!

i have known this man for many years . always thought he was very honest . now i know this not to be the case. i can assure everyone that i personally am looking into him and his dealings with great interest............

by doogle on 26 July 2010 - 12:07

in seeing all these posts with regards jv etc, i just felt i had to respond. in december last year i got my little fella on collecting him i was told jv was in france and a lady called sally handled my collection. he  seemed fine but before the new year we had to take him to the vets as he was passing blood in his faeces. we was told he had a stomach infection and to ask the breeder if any others had problem. this cleared after having antibiotics. but he had problem with eating his faeces and to date we have not been able to stop him we have to watch him all the time as we have two children which he is very good with but we cannot allow him to lick. he is a very bouncy lab and out of all 4 i have had i never known this as he springs like a rabbit. he is now 9 mths old and to date has never barked we have till now laughed it off and felt he would eventually find his voice. we are now going to have him checked as the posts on here are very disturbing.

by remick on 01 August 2010 - 23:08

Hi, After reading your messages, just thought i would drop u a line to say i purchased a yellow lab from these people, from charin in ashford, Sally being the lady who sold the pup to me, Toby was in the South of France at the time.

At 4 months old, my lab stopped walking, was in a lot of pain, so we went to our vets in Deal, Mr David Smith, they confirmed our pup had severe HD in both hips, we saw the x-rays and was devasted. Spoke to the breeder, who hung up on me and was very rude. The vet operated on our pup, which meant he had to take out the muscles in the inner thighs to relieve the pressure and pain. This operation was done at the beginning of the year, but unfortunatley it looks as though we have problems again. We have pet insurance but it will not cover the costs of further hip replacements and hydro-therapy on both sides. Plus the pain and suffering that the puppy has to go through.

We have also been advised that the signature of our paperwork confirming Mr D Smiths confirmation of 100% of the puppies were signed by the breeder. All of our paperwork is fake, including registration, parents etc.

We feel very angry and upset for our puppy that he has pain and now we have changed vets, we have to go through the x-
rays again to see how bad the problem is now.

Why are people making a business out of this, they have no shame at all.


by Puppy Alert on 23 August 2010 - 21:08

Have read with interest the posts on the above breeder who has operated his business under various names.  Maybe anyone who has purchased a puppy from the above and is not satisfied due to the puppies condition or false information given should consider making a claim against the seller.  More details in the following post.


by Puppy Alert on 24 August 2010 - 08:08

Noticed that some of you on this thread have purchased sick puppies.  For those of you that are based in the UK are you aware that if you have purchased a puppy that subsequently suffers a hereditary defect, falls seriously ill, even dies soon after purchase do you realise lthat you are covered by the Sale of Goods Act?  Providing the seller is selling puppies as a business but not necessary to be an owner of a pet shop, dealer or licenced breeder but frequent ads offering puppies for sale will suffice, then you as the purchaser are covered by the Sale of Goods Act and can have if you wish redress through the local County Court under the Small Claims proceedure?  Do not be put off by Court it is not expensive and you do not need a solicitor to act for you in court.

This does not just cover health problems of your puppy but incorrect or false paperwork too including misleading advertising.  Puppies are classified as a commodity under consumer law and you as the consumer would be covered just the same as if you have purchased any other faulty goods.  

Some maybe put off thinking they may have to return their puppy to the seller (that would be your choice) it is not generally considered that is advisable due to the fact the puppy is a sentient being but  a claim can still be made with you the purchaser retaining the puppy.  After all you may already have bonded well with your puppy and paid an exceedingly high vets bill which you wish to claim for. 

More info can be found by contacting either your local Trading Standards Office, Consumer Direct or me by email (details on my web site). Incidently I would like to hear from purchasers that have bought sick puppies from licenced breeders, dealers or pets shops as all information is collated. 

by inca on 26 August 2010 - 09:08

Hi I to have recently purchased a puppy from this man. The puppy has had no end of problems,
I am desperately seeking information on this mans whereabouts. if anyone can help please pm me in total confidence

by jedward on 27 August 2010 - 08:08



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