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by PedrMaelgwn on 26 July 2007 - 03:07

Submiting this message again!

I have tried to send an e-mail to Oli, asking him to add Welsh Sheepdogs to the list of breeds, I used the Email address Oli(at)etc, etc. as instructed, but have had no responce  to date?

So Oli please forgive me, I'm going to try once again to Copy&Paste the original message/Email I sent to you from my "hotmail account" 

Annwyl/Dear Oli,

Please add us to your list of dog breeds, We are an hard working, & ancient Welsh breed that can be traced back to the 14th century. In recent memory we almost died out, however, some very kind farmers in Wales, who loved us very much, started a Society called "Cymdaethas y Cwn Defaid Cymreig" and saved us from extinction! 

In those early days we were in a very sorry state with only about 50 of us left alive in our home country Wales. 
But now in 2007 we have now grown to approx 2000, registered "Cwn Defaid Cymreig"? thats what they call us in our native Welsh language, it translates to "Welsh Sheepdogs" and as our country "Cymru", that's Cymraig, (Welsh)  for "Wales",  Cymru, is a bilingual country, (Welsh&English) so both Welsh and English versions of out breed name, are valid.

If you would like to know more about us? I have added some links from that World Wide Dog Communication Internet thingy.

Oli, I do hope that you will be very kind to us and help us further, by adding us to your list of breeds!

I am sure that my owner Pedr, will then add information & pictures of me and my family members

Diolch yn Fawr/Thank you very much


COCHYN (My name, means RED, probably because I have Red &White hair)

by PedrMaelgwn on 26 July 2007 - 03:07


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