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Great Dane

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The History

Ashbun Acres Avant-Garde born on Sep 22, 1971
CH Ashbun Acres Avant-Garde
Atos Von Trabersruh born on Mar 27, 1973
CH Atos Von Trabersruh

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Sample Great Dane pedigrees

Enduro Vom Hause Wagner
Davishire's Express Yourself
Davos Isis Hannadale
Nuttree's Saint Patrick
Eik Maestoso
Sabra's Heavenly Diva
Ninive-N di San Filippo
Manatasquot's Carly Simon
Gamarth-N di san filippo
Beliy Ostrog Ferotse
Lamar's Sun Of Dreamaker
Rojon's Royal of Stone Valley
Windy Hill's Astra V Jerdan
Rojon's Rhapsody Vsop
SisCo's Sun Prairie to Santa Fe

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