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by Gwyny P on 10 September 2021 - 18:09

Wow, that is awesome.

Many thanks, Koots ~
Will let you know what happens.

by hexe on 10 September 2021 - 22:09

Wow, what an assortment of information one comes across on a web search for this Alla Zorikova...for one thing, it seems she has a history of petitioning courts in an attempt to exercise her will over others, though it doesn't appear she's been successful in her efforts.

Another interesting finding pertains to the property Alla Zorikova was keeping dogs on as of October 2020, including a photo of the "accomodations" being provided for the dogs she claimed ownership of...

And it appears Olivia Dae Tong is the newest 'agent' AND CEO for Von Markgraf Kennels, and that Alla A Zorikova was removed as an officer and agent for the kennel.

Lots more to dig through, but one thing that is glaringly missing is any evidence that there was ever any form of settlement, monetary or otherwise, between the City of San Bernardino and Zorikova, as was claimed in the post by Olivia Dae Tong. 



by Sunsilver on 11 September 2021 - 01:09

Via our text chain, I had mentioned to Zorikova that our 6-7 month old pup had trouble going up a 12"-14" step or when she put her feet into the car ledge to hike up, she settled back down into a sit.

That is definitely NOT normal! My working line pup, by the time she was 5 months old, was not only jumping DOWN 6 steps from the kitchen to the main entrance, she was also jumping UP!  :( 



by Rik on 11 September 2021 - 10:09

Olivia, are the pictures, from Bryan Pease website, of dogs living in the desert with only tin or boards for shade your 5 star kennel or not?

by Gwyny P on 11 September 2021 - 14:09

This indeed would be the 200 acres she claims they run freely on and get their exercise.

Scorched feet come to mind.

My puppy has an inordinate interest in water for a German Shepherd.
I have never seen a dog worship water like this little Shepherd.

On our camping trip I had to keep her leashed to keep her from going out to swim with every camper from neighboring sites; seems she would have lived in the river for 4 days if not removed physically.

The moment she sees water, she steps in it, immerses her nose and face and head . . . drinks then tries to get in the dish no matter how small it is in relation to her body.

Water is the currency for a desert dog.

Meanwhile back to the desert =

And the pictures of the giant pits in the earth with dead animals and raw meat piled up to the top.

Alla was quoted as saying they used it for composting.

I have been in the landscape field for over 41 years and have never seen raw meat or dead animals used for "composting."

If you read through the documents carefully, it is the San Bernardino Law Enforcement and Animal Control Officers' Log of information that makes up the bulk of the information.

Why would they lie ?
And to such a greatly detailed extent ?

Their first hand sightings and observations were what got recorded.

The many pictures were initially only allowed from the public roads as they were not allowed onto the property in the early stages of the investigation.

They stated that over 80 German Shepherds were found at this site.
Many were chained to something.
Many were not approachable.
Many were highly skittish.
Some were grateful for the rescue and apparently jumped right into awaiting vehicles.
Some had water, others did not.

The small fence or gate segments seen were shade available to the dogs for shelter.

The dogs wouldn't dare wander as the earth would have been at least 1.5 times that temperature depending on the composition of the sand and rock base present.

Very young (eyes closed) puppies were found stored (placed or hidden) in an adjacent shed.

As time was of the essence to reunite them with their mother in an attempt at reviving the newborns locating the proper dam for each pup was critical.

Testimony indicated that Alla would not tell authorities which puppies belonged to which dams.

In her defense, with that many dogs, she likely had no clue.

Allegedly more than one litter of puppies was euthanized.
Due to their extreme juvenile state, the starving, dehydrated pups were euthanized out of compassion for their suffering.

The sheer number of rescues is what brought in support groups for transport, boarding and aftercare for this number of dogs; without a doubt there was a tremendous amount of attention generated here.

Animal lovers do band together.

Keep in mind, this is Barstow and the temperature that day was marked as 104 degrees.
Not like a city garden 104 degrees with tall trees, sprinkler systems, lawns, greenery and live shrubs.

It is highly likely that the dark grey Nissan Xterra in the desert pictures is the same vehicle present in several of the website photos for Von Markgraf Kennels and Von Schutz Hof Kennels.

Many of her website photos show a desert landscape in the background . . . puppies with dry crusty rings around their noses . . . now I know why.

Much like the Olivia Dae picture used here matches the Alla Zorikova pictures in all of her dance, yoga, ballet and kick boxing CD's . . . the Nissan Xterra matches her other uses for it in her various websites.

My mechanic of 32 years said, "sure looks the same to me . . . look at the wheel wells, the bumpers, molding detail/color and design, shape of the doors . . . "

Alla is extremely tall, lean and fit.
She could kick my ass in a minute and from 3 feet away.
You can see why I do not want her at my home repossessing my dog as she continues to threaten me as recently as 9.10.2021.

This whole scenario screams Major Dog Hoarder more than a 5 Star Kennel Breeder of TOP German Shepherd Dogs with all German lines.

No wonder I can't get my papers, she probably doesn't know who the dam OR the sire is for my Ruby.

by benzi on 12 September 2021 - 17:09

That picture is heartbreaking...beyond my comprehension how ANYONE can do that.


by Rik on 12 September 2021 - 21:09

olivia, saw where you were banned.

maybe you can use one of your other accounts to tell us more about your 5 star kennel if B. Pease info is not accurate.


by Gwyny P on 12 September 2021 - 22:09

Simply to keep all viewers up to date, I share the following =

I have not responded to Sveta's/ Alla's texts and phone messages as shared prior to this commentary.

New incoming text from Alla Zorikova to my cellphone =
4:37 pm California Pacific Standard Time = Sunday 9.12.2021 =

Sveta's / Alla's text message to Gwyny =
QUOTED exactly as it appears on my screen =

{ "Gwynny P, you hereby requested to remove any and all false information you had posted publicly. You have until Sep 20th of 2021 to do it. Failure to remove it will trigger the lawsuit filed against you "}

To be clear and reiterate my position in this forum, I have only reported my experience with this person, this business owner, this breeder.

As for my YELP and GOOGLE reviews, I have only reported my experience with this person, this business owner, this breeder.

I honestly state that none of my commentary nor sharing of the events nor actual verbatim text material that transpired between this breeder and myself has been augmented, false, twisted or changed in any way.

I merely requested from the breeder our Pedigree papers for our German Shepherd dog as promised via original purchase contract and 7 + months of texting.

That request has consistently been denied.

That entire problem, resistance and denial is what led to my outreach here.

Perhaps if this woman wishes to have me alter my public opinion regarding my experience with her business model, she should honor our contract.

Just maybe, I would have reason to upgrade my public commentary regarding my actual experience.

I sincerely appreciate all of you who have hung in here with commentary and advice as to possible avenues to follow going forward.

This is a lovely community.

Thank you Mr. Darcy for you close monitoring to keep it real.


by Rik on 12 September 2021 - 23:09

yea, interested folks should google "von markgraf" kennels and read the reviews on yelp.

fuc#, I'm thinking about sending them $3900 U.S., sight unseen for my next world beating GSD.

but, then again, I bought a Doberman from House of Hoytt (paid extra $ for a "Queen Bee"), from a slick ad in Dog World magazine.

just a question: who here is even old enough to remember "Dog World" magazine?

that didn't really work out the way I hoped. another story for another day.

so maybe don't take my recommendation.

but from the reviews on yelp, I have hope I can trust this breeder, von markgraf.



by Rik on 13 September 2021 - 01:09

sorry Gwyny P, but if you want to keep this post real then I disagree that being in a desert makes a dog a swimmer.

I'm a show folk, near a very large river, lake, swimming area. very big believer in swimming as conditioning, to the point of wet suit in col weather.

the GSD I have known are either born to swim (from first toss of ball or hate it).



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