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by Rik on 18 August 2021 - 23:08

G, all I can add is that I have AKC Champions in 3 breeds, GSD, mini Schnauzers and PB Corgis. also regional siegerin in GSD.
and a few other wins against international competition from my journey into GSL. also AKC obedience titles.

that is over several decades. if I were to list all the scams I have fallen for and the money it cost, I would have to exit this site for people calling me stupid.

all i can offer is

1. never again buy a dog that you don't put your hand on between it's ears and get everything you are paying for when you write the check.

2. the only folks who never made a mistake are the ones who have never gotten their dogs out of their back yard.



by OliviaDae on 09 September 2021 - 19:09

Gwynny P and others.
Here are TRUE facts:
1. $350,000 paid by San Bernardino County to Alla Zorikova for her false arrest and mistakes of the County.
2. Alla Zorikova has been attacked by Animal Rights Activists, led by PETA see
Some members of Animal Rights Activists sentenced for 20 years in prisons and labeled "terrorists ".******* Admin edit... proof required of accusation. mrdarcy********
3. Animal Rights Activists destroy not only American pet breeders, but also zoo, horse shows, meat restaurants, butchers, farmers and others.
4. Gwynny P will not receive (fully ready) paperwork for top puppy Ruby based on her failure to show Ryby to the vet while "medical problems " claimed. For negligence puppy will be repossessed and Gwynny tried for defamation, breach of contract and repossession.
We are 5 stars business, have many happy customers, serving Los Angeles with super healthy TOP German Shepherd puppies, with exceptional temperament, fed raw organic meats.
Have you wondered where all those breeders in Los Angeles gone? Decades of "work" of destruction done by Bryan Pease, Casey Gish, Ingrid Newkirk (PETA) funded by Rockefellers and CAPS (those are came down little)


by Hundmutter on 10 September 2021 - 01:09

Interesting how an apparently third party review of what happened on the legal side

suddenly becomes 'We' in the final paragraphs. So this is the kennel defending itself; not some neutral observer of events.

Hmmm. Although there are a lot of critical stories about PETA and animal rights activists in general, (and readers of this & my earlier post will note that I did not suggest them as contacts for the OP when she aought info about alliances )  that seems a hellova big award against the County if there was nothing of concern in the first place ? The rest of this 'defence' seems very generalised IMO,

and is maybe being used to obscure lack of answers to questions like: 

Why this lady feels she needs so many identities ?

Is she claiming the OP has actually broken some Contract in not seeing a vet with the puppy, that would actually justify witholding paperwork somehow ? Can she produce a proper & legally binding such Contract ? (Does not sound like it, if the OP's description is accurate !)

I don't have a dog in the fight, but I AM curious !

mrdarcy (admin)

by mrdarcy on 10 September 2021 - 04:09

 OliviaDae  banned, members are only allowed one name, I also deleted your other thread from our Scams/Ripoff forum. Have a nice day!

by Gwyny P on 10 September 2021 - 10:09

You are very sharp, Handmutter . . .the part about the "we" in the third paragraph.

It is easy to see how her use of language carries along through all her communications as well as those I have quoted exactly here for clarification regarding this issue.

All her websites have the same little nuances of verb and noun displacement as happens when translating from another language.

Since this thread has taken on legs, I should also discuss her quotation marks around "medical problems " claimed.

I never ever used that term and therefore it should not be in quotes attributed to me.

I took Ruby 3 times for her Dr. visits for her necessary follow up shots and micro-chip over the course of five months.

This is how I heard from our vet that Ruby's hips seemed problematic.
Our trainer (of 22 years) also mentioned her gait as being particular wobbly and loose.

Both suggested giving Ruby time to see what develops.

Via our text chain, I had mentioned to Zorikova that our 6-7 month old pup had trouble going up a 12"-14" step or when she put her feet into the car ledge to hike up, she settled back down into a sit.

Same, when she put her paws onto the bed to be invited up . . . she sinks into a sit.

After I mentioned this to Zorikova, she took the tack that I had claimed "medical problems" and was not caring for our dog properly.

She said, it was abusive to have her jump . . . "no jumping one full year."

I was not having Ruby jump.

Ruby's own curiosity made her want to engage in a higher place to be or where we are or are going and we have always lifted her into place.

After all, it is an excuse to cuddle and kiss her little face and ears on the way up.

All this information was immediately put on me as neglecting our pet and being abusive by expecting her to jump and she will not transfer ownership to me at all via the papers.

Her rear legs have no stamina . . . including now at nearly 11 months of age.

After a level 4-5 block walk, her gait is very pronounced/crooked and her rear legs settle into a slower pace; she immediately flops into a laying position and licks her knees on arriving home.

It is ridiculous to want papers, as it would be unethical to breed her.

So, we had her spayed. 

BUT, I paid for a pedigreed dog and I think it would be good to see her pedigree.

Perhaps Lucka Von Buckenland is not the sire and HE is being defamed via her claims that he fathered these puppies.

There is another client review claiming their dog has bad hips circa May of this year.
Also another client claiming they cannot get their paperwork.

Coincidence ?
I think not.

FAST FORWARD = 9.9.2021= new development = since she apparently blocked me on August 13th (which I had not confirmed as I had not communicated with her in any way).

I received two texts from this person at 3:49 pm.

When I did not respond they called at 5:51pm.

The message suggested I { " should read the texts and enjoy them . . . from your "mental hospital." } Followed by laughter, then the caller hung up.

That would coincide with her post here yesterday starting with :

{"Gwynny P, 64 years old mentally disabled grandma.  Breeders, never sale to her nor deal with her. She will sign sales contract and will breach all the terms while slandering you around, extorting your money and asking you paid her that she will stop slandering and damaging your repution.  Lawsuits are brought against her.  She is teamed up with 'Animal rights activists', who is promising 'pull her off ffrom any charges.' }  End quote.

Who could make this stuff up ?

TEXT #1 = { "Go ... yourself out, ..... evil gwynny. Puppy will be repossesed and other breeders will be warned not to sale you ever. Go look in shelters for free one or from your "rewards " for conspiracy with animal rights terrorists." }

TEXT #2 = { "You are unblocked and unleashed, express yourself out, will include all your shit in evidences." }

I have transferred all the texts to PDF and screen shot the incoming calls and call logs.

To be clear, I have never cursed or accused or threatened or ranted in my communications with her. 

My demeanor has been calm and clear just as I my communications here in this forum.

I told her to simply send our pedigree papers and leave us alone. 
Whenever I ignore these people, they come back and start up again.

Now today at 9.10.21 = she is texting again at 7:53 am as I type telling me to get a lawyer.

Why won't she leave me alone ?

I use "we and us" interchangeably.

Though I brought the puppy into our home, I have family members here who are concerned about these ongoing developments and quite frankly, Ruby's and our safety as these communications continue.

Is this how a breeder or any business person should treat a client ?


by DuganVomEichenluft on 10 September 2021 - 11:09

WOW! What a nut job, this Alla, Olivia, etc. is.

Honestly, I'd let it go. This person has made it obvious how mentally unstable he/she is. You don't need the papers as you said. You came here and have posted, for others to (hopefully) see when they do their research.
You might consider contacting your local law enforcement to file something for in the event this Alla takes it to a dangerous level. Maybe even look into a tracking device for the dog. And place cameras throughout the exterior and interior of your home.
Just my suggestions which are based from Law Enforcement and Gov't Security experience since 2004. ;-)

by Gwyny P on 10 September 2021 - 11:09

Thank you, Dugan . . .

I very much appreciate your advice and will be beefing up the current systems today.

Sometimes simply being heard is helpful.


by DuganVomEichenluft on 10 September 2021 - 11:09

Most welcome. Keep us updated. Be safe.
Indeed, being heard can be very helpful. :-)

mrdarcy (admin)

by mrdarcy on 10 September 2021 - 12:09

Gwyny P, sent you a PM could you please reply, thanks.


by Koots on 10 September 2021 - 16:09

Contact info for Lucka:

Nathalie Prachensky


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