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by Hundmutter on 19 May 2020 - 03:05

Not sure the Monks of Skete have much of a record for training Working dogs. If you want all this discriminative ability, and suitabliity for doing IPO etc, you might be better joining a GSD Club.

Not sure if it is even possible to let a dog roam over how ever many acres and chase Racoons but not chase feral cats and chickens. You want a lot for your dollar.

by apple on 19 May 2020 - 06:05

I agree that I would reconsider a training program from the Monks.  Also, keep in mind that IPO and PP training are very different types of training and a true PP dog needs the right genetics and training.  IMO, there are not that many people who are good at training PP dogs.

by foszoe on 19 May 2020 - 07:05

I have used the Monks method for basic obedience training with dogs. I do plan to join a local GSD club. I am looking at GPS fencing to establish a boundary for the dog. probably with two perimeters, but that is another conversation :)

I purchased Schutzhund: Theory and Training Methods and will also use Dog Training with the Touch: Demystifying the Art of Training the Top Working Dog  for working with my GSD. 





by emoryg on 19 May 2020 - 08:05

I still have my book from the Monks of New Skete that I purchased back in 1991. Shortly before that I met a man named Dietmar Schellenberg who lived near me. I would go by his house to talk German Shepherds. Very nice man who was a wealth of information on the breed and provided first hand knowledge of some of the legends of the German Shepherd. I recall his own dogs were extremely well trained and despite having met and played with them many times, they would still never let me into the gate until they were called off.

Dr. Schellenberg gave me a book that he wrote titled, TOP Working Dogs. It was a very simple but informative. I would suggest picking up a copy. It has been updated and is available on ebay.

by foszoe on 19 May 2020 - 08:05

thanks for the book recommendation I will look for it. I used Gun Dog and Game Dog with my Labradors for breed specific tasks so being new to the GSD, am open to other suggestions.

I have really enjoyed working with my dogs in the past and am very excited and looking forward to working with my future GSD.

Q Man

by Q Man on 19 May 2020 - 09:05



Out of what you have said you wanted out of a dog I would certainly choose a Working Line...They were bred to do a job and to work...Whereas Showlines were bred to looking good and be in shows...(No work required)...

Everyone has a different view and want in a dog...Only YOU can choose which puppy is for you...But...What you can do is to find out what you want and know how to see it in a puppy...

Choosing a Sire and Dam is a tough thing to do...You look at them and see if they might give you want you're looking for...This doesn't mean you'll get it in a puppy but you have a better chance of it...

Pedigrees...to me...are nothing but a tool...Something to look at and see if you like what those dogs are...

I suggest to people looking for a dog to make a list of things you want out of a Puppy/Dog...:



Physical Make-Up:


Working Ability usually according to the Sire & Dam...:

Put your desires in order as they are Primary to what you want...What is 1st...What is your list of Wants and Must Haves...



P.S. Remember when buying/getting a puppy...You ONLY buying Bloodlines...

by foszoe on 20 May 2020 - 09:05


Thanks for the response. It took us a day or so to really think through what you suggested.

To us, Working ability is paramount. Every other characteristic feeds into that one for us. Color is least.

From what you listed,

1. Physical Make-Up (we understood this to be health concerns, hips, elbows)
2. Working ability.
3. Pedigree only to the extent that it indicates great working ability.
4. Sex
5. Color

What made us think most is 1,2. Ultimately we went with health. What moved the most was Sex. We initially thought male as a given for size but as we thought through it we realized, for us, its ultimately about 1 and 2. However most litters have male and female and we are not locked into a specific litter yet. So while the importance fell to a 4, we still think we would go with a male.

As to working ability, primary reason to get the dog is companion dog as that is how he will spend the majority of his time, BUT we also definitely protection capabilities, a dog that likes biking, hiking, walking, obstacle courses, training, taking trash out on a wagon, etc :) He will spend at least a couple of hours a day engaged in such activities. I have never trained a Shepherd, but after watching working dog videos on Youtube, I believe I would enjoy taking him to local clubs and working with him on getting SCHH.

by ValK on 20 May 2020 - 10:05

I spent 2 hours on site with each sire. Both were well behaved. Both were friendly.

As to working ability, primary reason to get the dog is companion dog as that is how he will spend the majority of his time, BUT we also definitely protection capabilities

you didn't noted - the available does contradict to desirable?

by Hired Dog on 20 May 2020 - 11:05

When getting a puppy, it will always be a gamble. Sure, you can stack the cards in your favor, you can hope and wish, but, in the end, the puppy may or may not turn out how you want it.
You have a tall list of wants and expectations, have you considered getting an adult that you can test for suitability?
It does suck when you spend a year plus with a dog and in the end, it turns out not being what you wanted.

by foszoe on 20 May 2020 - 11:05

Yes that is what we are trying to do is "stack the cards". Never gave up on a dog before because of failure to meet expectations :)

It's kinda like getting married. LOL.


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