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by Sunsilver on 04 October 2019 - 13:10

Apple, I totally agree with you about that. Carmen mentions some dogs she's bred that seem to have what she calls 'genetic obedience.' Training them is an absolute breeze. Chuck said something similar. If he bred outside his lines, he'd get dogs that didn't have that razor-keen intelligence which London and his descendants possessed. In his book about London there are MANY stories of things London did totally on his own, without any training, that showed how very smart he was.

I was blessed in having one of those dogs, too. I only had to show him something 2 or 3 times, and he would 'get' it. He wasn't quite on the same level as London, but he was very, very quick to learn. I really regret that I didn't have papers for him, so I never bred him. It would have been worth it to see if he could pass on those smarts! He had a very good temperament, too. 

by apple on 04 October 2019 - 16:10

I remember reading in his book that he had a light bulb moment about his dog's intelligence when he was in the bed reading late one night and the dog got up and turned the light switch on the wall off because he wanted to sleep in the dark. The behavior was totally spontaneous and he had no training in turning off light switches.

by ValK on 04 October 2019 - 17:10

The quote I posted did not say that Baden's lines included Blondi, just some SS dogs.

what a meaning behind "SS dogs"?
there weren't such dogs.

by apple on 04 October 2019 - 18:10

"The elite of Hitler's military and law enforcing personnel was the SS. Their name identified their duties. Schutzstaffel or protection squad. Several sub units, such as the Leibstandarte consisted of meticulously selected loyal soldiers and, information handed down from insiders who had personal knowledge of Hitler's many secretive activities reported that one branch of personal bodyguards, members of a sub group of the SS, would begin their training in the company of a German Shepherd puppy which they would live with and raise as their own."

by ValK on 04 October 2019 - 19:10

ok. i see. looks more like a myth.
in my teens i had know old man, who was sort of my mentor. at least i learned a lot from him.
as a young man in late 20s he went to work in Austria and was employed at farm which also had at that time kennel.
after anschluss, his employer got good contract with wehrmacht for dogs and significantly expanded his kennel and stock of GSDs.
from him i heard how that system did. main customer was army but he told me that beside army, the security department of SS, who was responsible to provide security for top officials of Reich, always sent the team to look through kennels for suitable dogs. they didn't look for pups. the criteria was - the dog should be at least a 1y.o., above average in size and black in color.
there was also sort of nationwide program to involve civilian population on the wave of patriotism, to help the army. pups from kennel was given to be raised in families. upon reaching age 6 month, the pups was tested by kennel and suitable ones was taken back. usually the kids was involved and in exchange they was given another pups.


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