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by Nans gsd on 20 May 2019 - 19:05

adorable; bol with her.

by toddsterr44 on 05 October 2019 - 00:10

UPDATE: I have yet to received paperwork from mr. fanino even tho he said it was shipped months ago. My wife and I have contacted him multiple times and it takes days if not weeks to get a response. We are just now learning that the supposed father of our pup is NOT registered here on pedigree database. If you want the process to be smooth in purchasing a GSD...I, along with many others here state side have been in communication and are willing to offer a negative review of Fanino to save you the hassle and heartache. Time and time again he makes false promises. 6 months later and NO PAPERWORK.


by Hundmutter on 05 October 2019 - 08:10

Well there is no rule that says her sire HAS to be 'registered' on PDB. As long as he was Registered with the home country Kennel Club (or equivalent) where he was born, you should be able to find out anything you need to know about him, if diligent in your research. PDB is a VOLUNTARY listing so fanciers can get as much info on breeds as possible in one place; it is NOT a compulsary register (however much it is helpful if everybody does put their dogs on it !).

I read your posts and I see frustration followed by understanding ("Aleksander is a busy guy") followed by frustration again. I don't know him - maybe he is having problems processing the paperwork for you. Other members making overseas purchases have had to wait those sort of lengths of time, but it has come through in the end. Can only advise you to have patience and to keep at it, contacting him at frequent intervals. [Not saying breeders & dealers should not make every effort to be available and properly answer questions from buyers, 'cos they of course SHOULD !] Good luck.

To ANYONE reading: 'If you want the process to be smooth in purchasing a GSD' ... DO YOUR HOMEWORK and don't take risks if you cannot get to know the seller properly, or find out information about them AND the legal situation in countries you want to buy from, then DON'T buy. Go shopping at home.

by ali44 on 05 October 2019 - 13:10

If he is so very busy I think he can afford to employ a part-time secretary to take care of all the papers and arrangements for sending the dogs to the clients.
I am from Romania, a neighboring country north of Bulgaria, and all I can tell you is that by the time the pups were 5 months old all my clients, both home and abroad, had received all the papers.
FCI states that one has 90 days from birth to declare the litter and demand papers for the pups. If one failes to do that, I don't think they accept latter declarations.
You can enquir at the local kennel club (where Fanino is a member) and see if he declared the litter, if there is an export pedigree for your puppy and if Fanino picked it up. If the export pedigree is still at the kennel club you can ask them nicely to send it directly to you as you can provide proof that you are the owner of the puppy. They may ask for some money to cover the cost of the letter ( as this is not their obligation to send).

mrdarcy (admin)

by mrdarcy on 05 October 2019 - 17:10

I have messaged the member FANINO, hopefully we can get this matter resolved.

by GRiganati on 10 October 2019 - 17:10

I to got a puppy from Aleksander and from the same litter as Toddsterr44. We have both had the same issues with Fanino kennel. It seems to me he is sending both of us false tracking numbers to string us along that we will eventually get paperwork on our dogs. Let it be noted that he specifically told me that my paperwork would be mailed immediately following the pick up of my puppy at New York/JFK because the paperwork couldn’t be attached to his kennel in shipping. He specifically mentioned this because he knew I would need to register him immediately, since I train and compete in many different dog venues in addition to the intent of showing this puppy. I have heard many excuses and many times non response followed by extreme excuses as to why he hasn’t sent paperwork. All these excuses while avidly posting new litters on all social media pages and show pictures from around Europe. I’m
Not sure why he is doing this as it would be easier to just send the proper paperwork as promised. I am contemplating filing official complaints to FCI in addition the the Seiger registration office. He should not be allowed to continuously do this to people. I did my research and at the time the negative responses he defended seemed valid, I feel like he breeds a beautiful dog with a fantastic temperament but doesn’t see the need to follow through with his end of the deal, though he accept the money immediately. We hold up our end as paying customers looking for a well bred dog that he does indeed breed but die not follow through ethically with the paperwork. Help.


by MKGermanShepherds on 12 October 2019 - 16:10

I have never purchased from him personally nor would I. He has an extreme head type that somehow magically appears in pedigrees that have never produced that type. He is crossing chow or some mastiff type breed to accomplish that look. I know people love the unique, extreme and unusual but we have a breed standard and need to adhere to it or we will lose this wonder breed.
That obvious deception in breeding should be enough to label them as a scam...

by toddsterr44 on 16 October 2019 - 19:10




by Kinolog on 20 October 2019 - 19:10

I got a dog from this breeder recently. It is very frustrating when there is a problem with timely and accurate communication.

His practice is to wait until he has several dogs to ship to the USA. A gentleman accompanies the dogs and hands them off to the new owner with the original papers.

I did not know this, and I waited two months. I heard so little that I almost gave up. I even bought another puppy.

You may need some patience. Everything I have heard from people was that they just needed to wait and the dog eventually comes. It's not easy while the pup is getting older. My dog came with a lot of anxiety, and he kept me up for a few nights. He was medicated for anxiety for the first two weeks, but he settled down really well. Now he is perfectly fine, and I have been training with him and just having fun. He's still young and I 'm trying to decide on the best outlet for him, some kind of sport or activity. He does not like other dogs or children much, but neither do I!

I think Aleksandr prefers the long- haired type, so you might have a bit more bargaining ability with the stock coats. If I ever get another European dog, I might just turn it into a vacation and fly out there for the dog. My SO wanted to do the same thing - to fly out to Portugal about and horse, and stay for a while to chill.

by toddsterr44 on 28 October 2019 - 12:10

Update: I have yet to hear from Aleksander. I have had multiple people messaging him in regards to paperwork. Zero responses.


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