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mrdarcy (admin)

by mrdarcy on 28 February 2019 - 08:02

Border, you are right thanks should go to the breeder for doing the right thing. Special thanks to you for taking the time to contact the breeder and getting this matter resolved quicklyStar

mrdarcy (admin)

by mrdarcy on 02 March 2019 - 11:03

This thread will not be deleted it stays put, we very very rarely delete these types of threads. The OP of a thread has a ltd time in which to edit or delete and then only Admin can do it. I have ammended the title to reflect the outcome of this matter which was resolved by the breeder FANINO refunding the buyer.

by toddsterr44 on 03 May 2019 - 17:05

How were you able to contact him? I have tried for days
Feel free to call me at 18162883804 or email

by SavanaTheHusky on 05 May 2019 - 09:05

just read all comments, glad it got solved in the end ! :) 

by ValhallaProtectionDogs on 05 May 2019 - 16:05

Have you tried on his viber?

by KHAL DROGO GSD on 02 July 2019 - 23:07

I read this post during my research on experience with the captioned breeder. I do thoroughly enjoy the thread and was very pleased to see the outcome. My wife and i have had plenty of conversations with the beeeder and he had always been very amicable and easy to work with.

I recently sent Mr. Filipovic (Vom Fanino) a message on social media that we had lost our puppy due to complications in surgery shortly after his first birthday earlier this year, he was a male born on May 5th 2018 Sire was Brooklyn Rim Trotter.

He quickly replied that he was sorry for our loss and offered to sell me a puppy he had available from a litter from 3/19/2019 Sire was Gundabad and Dam was Gamma Vom Fanino both beautiful and he sent me papers for both to show that Gamma was a granddaughter of Brooklyn Rim Trotter, the sire of the dog we originally lost, we were very excited to say the least.

He was a bit spotty but would respond within the day to my questions. He advised to wire the full payment which i was reluctant to without proof of an Air Waybill. I sent $1,000 euros, and in 2 days he sent me an airway bill for a dog that was already shipped which set off some concerns as i had just sent him $1,000 Euros and he was requesting to be paid in full immediately. When i questioned him he advised it must have been a mistake and would get me the correct information, in a few days i received an email form the cargo company with the airway bill and date and time of pick up with instructions, i quickly wired the remaining balance and began asking for updated photos and some questions regarding his current food and schedule, and how his temperament and drive are etc. which he responded but i was reluctant to get any updated photos as he told me he was traveling back from Germany and would send some as soon as he unpacked.

Today was the day we were scheduled to pick up the dog in Los Angeles and i emailed the cargo company for updated flight information as i could not locate the Air Waybill provided and they advised the dag was never delivered and to contact the breeder, our family was devastated to say the least we began emailing and contacting Aleksandar on all platforms with no success, he finally responded around 10 am and advised he was going to find out what happened and that was it. I have sent countless messages to follow up with no response.

My issue is i had already placed a deposit on a Male Eastern Line DDR from Vom Berk Haus in Montana that is due to be born today July 2nd before i even thought it would be possible to get another of Vom Fanino puppy, but last week once i received the flight confirmation and delivery date for our new male i asked Vom Berk Haus to switch it to a female that was bred to Qvido Vepeden to be born in late August. I voiced my concern with having 2 young dominant males, she agreed with me that it would be best to get a female about 10 months apart to avoid any issues with 2 males so close in age so she was very happy to move my deposit.

My question is to Border 11 how long should i wait to get a response from Mr. Filipovic before i ask him for my money back and beg April at Vom Berk Haus to let me move my deposit back to the male to be born any day now?

Thanks again and really appreciate your input and advise on these matters!


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