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by stormins on 15 March 2019 - 17:03

Ok Lets condense what you are saying.

1) If the buyer gets screwed it's their fault

2) If the buyer misses something in their research due to false or fraudulent input into the records BY the seller, it's the buyers fault

3) If you don't research enough it's the buyers fault

4) If you dont think of every possible combination of events and protect yourself from each and every potential outcome , including those that have never occurred. it's the buyers fault

5) If you dont take the safe route and take a risk, It's the buyers fault

6) If you miss a red flag, it's the buyers fault

7) If The buyer does get screwed by the seller then let's just shame the buyer so no buyer ever steps out of their comfort zone to help prevent a potential buyer from making the same mistake because;

8) I expect everyone else to have reached my level of perfection and

9) I am omniscient, I never take risks, I always protect myself, I have never been party to a bad deal, and all of my purchase decisions are perfect.

10) Anyone else who has not reached my level is a numpty and should just crawl in a hole and leave deals like this to the big boys.and girls

11) Oh ... and the seller gets a gold star and the money for his deception with zero culpability.

If I am wrong then please share with us when you were on the receiving end of a dog deal gone wrong so we can learn from it.


by Hundmutter on 16 March 2019 - 07:03

I suppose it depends on why you put up the thred in the first place.

If you want to warn everybody else off against somebody's (in this case Alex Sosnovsky's) appalling behaviour, then that demands that you examine the issues with full honesty - which includes considering where you might have helped yourself not to get cheated, painful to admit as that may be.  Including, incidentally, telling us from the get-go what you DID do (instead of leaving all that detail out completely until challenged).

If OTOH all you want is for readers to say: "Oh, poor you, you were hard done by, what a nasty breeder" [and possibly even "Here's a magic answer to how you can get your own back !" (?) ] - then fine, you don't have to consider things you might have additionally done which could have avoided the outcome, realisations you could have come to about contracting such a deal with a breeder in such a place, etc. But you don't want those routes pointed out to anybody else, either, so you put a blanket ban on considering what a buyer's responsibilities can be ?

by stormins on 16 March 2019 - 23:03



Honesty, Transparency, Hypocrisy


They make strange bed fellows and they can be a bit fickle.



German Shepherd Dog Belgran Black Quest M         12 nov 2007 Black       Kenmiltri Sea Hawk at Lemattias Belgran Bombshell     Hundmutter 03 nov 2012 Hundmutter 03 nov 2012



Is this or was this one of your German Shepherds?


Were you selling  dogs you bred from this Male?


Or how about this girl?


German Shepherd Dog Belgran Black Iced Diamond F                   No information about the Sire Belgran Bombshell     Hundmutter 03 nov 2012 Hundmutter 03 nov 2012



Are these Alsatians or  Rat Terriers in your dogs  pedigrees?


Speaking of research, you seem to be as transparent as an opaque cinder block.....


I especially love the perspective you bring  from your recent experiences you share from almost almost a decade ago.


I'm sure you would have some ancedotal stories and a generous portion of blame to place on your buyer since you dont even list registration numbers.


But seriously Madam it's ok ... those that are succesful take calculated risks and address the issue head on if the failure is promulgated from the other side of the transaction, especially when the offending party is given the opportunity to right the wrong privately behind the scenes.


Then there are those who crouch behind the relative safety of their keyboard and prognosticate. In your case,  You might want to consider cleaning up your own house before you preach what you yourself do not practice.




by Hundmutter on 17 March 2019 - 09:03

Those two pedigrees are on there precisely because they are examples of some of the not-so-brilliant 'coats n colours' breeding I often rail against on PDB. No they were not 'my' dogs; Quest was in my care for a while but he was a puppy bought & paid for by my boss at the time. His dam is only there for reference. Believe me, nobody else was going to put them on PDB ! He was exported, & I have no idea whether he was used at stud / produced offspring ( a matter over which I had no control, to my lasting regret); if he had stayed home instead of going abroad he would not have, because he would have been neutered come 8 or 9 months, no question.

As for my adding to the thred any anecdote about how I got 'had over the coals' by some dodgy breeder - well that wouldn't be a very good advert for my suggestions as to AVOIDING the dangers, would it ? Never happened. Never acquired a dog that I didn't get what I expected, whether in the way of paperwork, or temperament. And I have always been of the opinion that dogs/puppies are a crap shoot, and shit happens - so for e.g. health issues I make sure the breeder had gone through the hoops, then afterwards I do it 'by the book' and if it still goes wrong, then that is noone's 'fault', shit happens.

Re the 'calculated' risks, sorry but I understood you were not even recognising these examples as risks until I suggested they were, so how 'calculated' is that ?

We can all have an attitude that the more we tell people and the more open we are to admit what we might have done better, the more use we are in educating other people so that they, hopefully, listen & do not fall into our mistakes ... or we can just look for sympathy for our own case.

by stormins on 17 March 2019 - 18:03


What words of wisdom can you give to the newbies just entering the German Shepherd world, whose ability to discern fake pedigrees and dishonest breeders  is stunted by their  lack of knowlege, experience and perfection that you so aptly possess?


To help with the steps they need to take to protect themselves, should they:

1) Trust the pedigrees that they see on Pedigree Database?


If So Why?


If Not, why not?


2)  What other avenues of research do you recommend?


3) How should a buyer protect themselves?


4) What recourse does a buyer have or should have to protect themselves in a transaction gone bad?


5) Who is responsible if a deal goes south because of dis-honesty on the part of the seller  such as false or fake pedigrees and health and/or achievments?


by Hundmutter on 23 March 2019 - 08:03




Well screen-shotting and pasting does not seem to work for me, maybe its my security settings (but I don't take those down !). Will try to find time later to type my whole PM / posted message out (for the 3rd time), Stormins. Unless any other kind passer-by can turn the above refs into readable links for me ?  [I never did claim great computer skills, must be advancing age !]

by stormins on 23 March 2019 - 16:03


I sent you a pm on how to copy it w/o retyping.... If it still doesnt  work,  with your permission  I can  put in my comment as a quote from you




by Hundmutter on 23 March 2019 - 16:03

Nope. (Didn't even get the extra box to re-put in the URL I got with the way I tried earlier - and I'm not trying to re-type that lot into that silly little box even if I had). Please if you can find a way to post it as part of your comment do, but I'd appreciate it ALL going in as a quote, not just any selected bits of it. TY.

mrdarcy (admin)

by mrdarcy on 23 March 2019 - 18:03

Hundmutter made the links readable although the 1st one shows an error, the 2nd one is readable.


by Hundmutter on 24 March 2019 - 08:03

TY Mr Darcy.Its the right (2nd) one that is really relevant, the other was just an alert to Stormins about the problems I was having with normal posting to the site, so that's great !
L x

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