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by ValK on 14 April 2019 - 21:04

Isnt that why alot of people want the DDR dogs  because they  WERE  (past tense) subject to stringent breeding requirements? 

i'm quite sure some people hoping for such. but there are plenty of people with lack of selfesteem and do compensate this by showing off uniqueness/rarity in their possession.

Where, How, have you gained your vast knowledge of the DDR?

that's overestimation of my knowledge. this just basic and was pretty much known by anyone, who was involved with GSDs in Eastern bloc. DDR was lone main supplier. there were also dogs of former Czechoslovakia and we did know about z PS breeding program but i never seen them back then, at least in my region.
also, to be honest, i don't know much about civilian breeding, what nuances was there. i was dealing with dogs which was bred in spezialized program for border and there was different approach and requirement.
to learn about DDR breeding system in all details, you need to get in touch with breeders, who was involved with dogs back then in DDR.

2 Questions

1) I thought you couldnt register UCI dogs with FCI.  How did Alex get a UCI dog registered with the FCI ?

2)  What benefits do you see with the Kabuschsee dogs and do they actually have some rare DDR bloodlines?

1. i was curious about this myself. last year my request to CKC got negative response.
don't know how Alex managed to do it but i do appreciate return of seemingly a good dog back in stock.

2.  i'm not expert on pedigrees but most likely there are not rare bloodlines. after all she don't run big kennel with significant amout of dogs to have selfsuficient genetic pool. in regard of her dogs... i can't really answer that question without knowing dogs in person. 
it's just assumption:
a) Heike did established her breeding during existence of DDR.
b) she has years of real experience in DDR breeding system and has well developed guts for pick a good dogs.
c) she quit SV due differences between her stance on GSD breed development and official SV policies.
d) she seems never was interested in becoming commercial breeder, preferring to stick rather to her believes instead of to be involved into the market's trends/fashions on GSD breed.

but as i said above - if you have interest, you should get in touch and ask directly the breeder.

by stormins on 17 April 2019 - 23:04



to learn about DDR breeding system in all details, you need to get in touch with breeders, who was involved with dogs back then in DDR.


Once again I need to request a list from you please,  as many don't know which DDR breeders were involved back then in DDR.

Were you a trainer of DDR dogs before the wall came down?

by ValK on 19 April 2019 - 21:04

i'm afraid i can't be much helpful. as i mentioned, i never been involved in breeding or dealt with breeders. neither other in our former club. it just my hometown was very close to border and the border kennel, for as long as i remember that club, entrusted their pups to that paramilitary club in city, from age 5-6 weeks to age 10 month to take care and prepare those youngster. at 10 month dogs were tested and those, who did pass, have been taken back to border. dogs, who failed test, have been left for us to rehome them. so, there wasn't any needs in breeding. if  necessity arised, club member always was able to pick personal dog from pups in club.
unfortunately seems those DDR breeders do not attend this board. 
i guess your best bet is to contact people in list and try to establish communication. perhaps some of them would be willing to share their experience and knowledge. you'll never know if you wouldn't try.

Were you a trainer of DDR dogs before the wall came down?

yes, before. the first my dog did come from that club as a gift to my 10th birthday but i was too young to join the club (minimum age for members was 14 y.o.)
last my dog from that club passed away in 2000. club was dissolved  somewhere in '93.

Happy Easter and best wishes to everyone.

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