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by ggturner on 19 November 2018 - 15:11

So very sorry! I hope you find her safe and sound!


by kitkat3478 on 23 November 2018 - 15:11

Sorry it took me so long to get back, I ended up in hospital with pnumonnia and sepsis shock from all my searching and I still cannot find the Flim Flam
Someone has got to have her because let me tell you, i \we have searched this entire area and have had no positive sightings. There have been several shepherds found that had no one looking for them. How sad. I put 2000 reward all I can hope is someone tells on someone for the money. I am so upset that someone thinks they are entitled to keep my dog. Of course she is a very nice dog, that's because I made her that way. I offered to give someone their own pup , just give mine back. I literally almost killed myself looking for my dog, I am never going to give up. I need a few days recovery and I am going right back to looking for her. I really need to find her. If she were out, my dogs and I would have located her by now


by Sunsilver on 23 November 2018 - 15:11

I am so sorry Kit-Kat!

Please look after yourself, okay? Your other dogs need you, too!


by DuganVomEichenluft on 23 November 2018 - 15:11

Sent you a PM


by Jessejones on 23 November 2018 - 17:11

I feel your pain, and would be in the same boat.

My advice in the meantime-
CRAIGSLIST is where a lot of stolen dogs are sold.

Be sure to check Craigslist SEVERAL times a day for the next many months.
Check the Community header and under that is PETS.
If someone has your dog, they may want to sell it for cash.
German Shepherds go very very fast on CL (sometimes within minutes of posting) which is why you need to check several times a day. There may even be a feature where you can put a word like German Shepherd and get an alert email....although I’m not sure about that.

Also I would put an ad in under PETS and Lost and found. With a picture and reward amount.

And place the ad if you have a local paper and local facebook page. Which I’m sure you have done already.

Wishing you success.

If nothing works, over a long time stretch...
....then for your own mental heath and sanity, I would try to picture my dog in a happy home being well taken care of and loved. If negative thoughts creep in, as they will always do, I’d try to ban them and not go there. It’s hard, I know. But when all else has failed, the only way to stay sane is to only think that he is in a good place and picture it that way.

mrdarcy (admin)

by mrdarcy on 23 November 2018 - 20:11

KitKat, get well, stay well, hoping for a happy ending but, and I know you don't want to think about about it now,  the last paragraph in Jesse's above post are wise words.

by Nans gsd on 04 December 2018 - 18:12

Hope all is well here; KitKat how are you. Be nice if you could check in and let us know if you are OK. Hoping for the best. Nan

by astrovan2487 on 04 December 2018 - 21:12

So heartbreaking to hear about this. There are usually pull offs or small parking lots on state game land for hunters to park at, I would definitely put signs up on trees or the signs they sometimes have posted at them, that way the hunters will see it for sure. I hope you find her soon, I can't imagine what you are going through.


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