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by Cutaway on 08 November 2018 - 16:11

I am cautiously enthusiastic about this new organization IF they can keep their focus on the principles they have laid out. I do wonder if they will face the same challenges as RSV2000 which also has 'big names' attached/driving it. I think the second biggest challenge this org will have is that 95% of the people participating in SchH/IPO/IGP today have the attitude of "I just want to train my dog and trial". I completely understand that thinking, BUT in order for these people to expect to show up at a "standardized" trial that is "competently" run, has standardized helper work, consistent tracking and decently consistent judging means that a whole lot of people had to dedicate and volunteer time to ensure all the resources are in place.

I agree that SchH/IPO/IGP is not the end all be all of testing a dogs: Character, trainability and intelligence but man it is way better than what else is available IMO. I still see people struggling to understand that this is a sport nothing more nothing less that lends itself to showing and proving a dogs abilities in more of a objective than subjective manner. Sure "Tracking" is not "Real world" but most people in the GSD community (only basing this on subjective observations) still don't understand the verbiage difference between Tracking; Trailing and Air Scenting as all 3 are significantly different and requires different training and there are several GSDs that I know that can perform all 3 and when in a SchH/IPO/IGP trial (at very high levels) do not get confused on what the task is in front of them to do... To me this shows the Trainability and Intelligence of the dog

Sorry, I will get off my soapbox now :)

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