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by yogidog on 08 July 2018 - 19:07

Yep it would be a definite shame to lose such knowledge. Centurian I would imagine you have given a lot of members alot to think about with the way you give indepth post not always going to agree but still have had some things to think about. Imo only a few left here are willing to help and give sound advice and you would be one 👍

by Rik on 08 July 2018 - 21:07

cent, also hope you don't stop posting.

it looks like pretty much everyone agrees that defense training on fearful dogs is not good. just said in different ways and maybe misunderstood, by me for sure.



by Hundmutter on 09 July 2018 - 06:07

I am sorry Centurian (and WR) - I just find it SO frustrating that someone like you, who has something fresh to say, fails to put it across successfully, time and again. And when I think I've 'got' what you are saying I get yet another long rambling post (and yes, poorly punctuated & with - sometimes crucial - words missing) outlining that I 'didn't quite' get 'it' ...and often I am still none the wiser. And others clearly are not either, much of the time. (Am not referring only to the subject of this particular thred).

I often think people who are NOT writing in a language they are familiar with put their points across BETTER, (given that we allow for the TOS & langage gap). But they, usually due to the language limitations, keep it short & to the point.

We had this conversation about two years or more ago through PMs, you & I - where you were surprised that I should think you did not use English as your FIRST language; even though some of your sentence construction is very strange, for an English speaker (something noted by other posters, not just me). You also explained you were using the machine, because of injury; (just at the time you said it was 'voice recognition'); but no way did I think you would still be using that, given some of your posts since about your house full of dogs ! So sorry; but can you really not read back to check what the machine has written, before you finally send it in to a thred ? I have to; so do many others; nobody would expect you to 'nit-pick' the editing to the nth degree, given the circumstances, but refusal to edit at all on the basis of what the computer 'might' do seems a little cavalier of your readers. I AM trying to understand, here ...

Have you tried writing in 'bullet points', instead of long, winding, paragraphs ?

You are correct about the 'sore eyes' incidentally - I don't think I've ever told anyone here this, but I do have trouble with drying of my eyes, and it does make it difficult concentrating on huge blocks of text on-screen. I can't keep printing everything off.

I WANT to read what you have to say; I WANT to be able to agree with you, much of the time. I WANT to be sure what you mean. And I WANT you to get your views across to other readers. But you make it difficult.

[Apologies too to Guy8 for the hi-jack !]

Western Rider (admin)

by Western Rider on 09 July 2018 - 09:07

Hundmutter in no way can I accept this as an apology nor will I.  I have said way to many times it is NO members place to critique another members post.

I find it even less excusable when you post that you knew about his injury and how hard it is for Cent to make posts and yet he makes the effort just to help others.


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