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by Gustav on 17 April 2018 - 03:04

You folks have me so old, that it gives credibility to those that feel I have forgotten the difference between dogs of today and yesterday. Haha
Fortunately, some of you KNOW me and some of my dogs sooo, I won’t worry about my exaggerations of dogs yesteryear in comparison to some lines today. I just find it deceitful to take a minority of something and represent it as representative of the whole....but that’s just my take.

by duke1965 on 17 April 2018 - 05:04

there is actually lots of people breeding dogs like Joan, problem is however that those dogs are not the ones mentioned on fora and social media, as they are not the showstealers or winners in the big competitions.


Unfortunately its also the pup buyers who are to blame for this as most want offspring of fame, and demand controls the breedingchoices of most

by Gustav on 17 April 2018 - 10:04

Thank you, Duke!

by 2Cats on 17 April 2018 - 10:04

Thank you guys, it is good to know that I might be able to get the dog I have been looking for in the future.

by Jenni78 on 17 April 2018 - 13:04

Yes, Duke is right. I stated previously that many people are breeding good solid dogs. One just has to know where to look! And that's the hard part. Too many Internet blowhards angrily slamming away at the keyboard with very little actual experience to back it up. I agree that the majority of the breed (still need to consider that the working line dogs are, overall a niche, as the show line GSD is what the majority of the world population is familiar with) has gone in a direction I don't love, however, there are more than enough niche breeders to fulfill what I'm looking for when I need to bring in new blood. I have gone into detail here on two dogs that I did not breed (did that on purpose) to illustrate there are multiple sources for sane working line German Shepherds. Both dogs were bred by breeders alive today and still breeding.

2Cats, don't be discouraged by naysayers who have likely never owned a good working line dog and would choose to disparage proper aggression in the breed. After all, if we didn't want that side of the coin, we ought to look at a different breed. People trying to change the breed to suit their whims and wishes is how we got into this mess.

Cliff, I tried to tell them you're as handsome and young as ever! I tried! :D

by HerBazhen on 17 April 2018 - 15:04

Ok..Can't take it...lol

I've had Black Russian Terriers... I still have one, the other passed last April. I've worked with many, and been around many.

My male (rip)....was a dog that could be taken anywhere, and be reliable. I showed him in conformation for a few years, until I couldn't handle the people bs. I never had problems with him around the many dogs involved around the the show rings.

I also took him to work with me, when I did a stint as a bartender. Totally reliable. If a problem arose with someone getting aggressive via " liquid muscles ", he would come to me, behind the bar with a low growl. No one the wiser. I would down/stay him, and handle the problem.

Every night at closing, while I locked the door, he did surveillance. Deuce would circle the dark side of the dumpster, and the far side of my car, then join me at the door...usually still struggling with the stupid lock.

Then there was the guardian side... He was a very confident, and forward boy. It was his personal job to watch out for me. He didn't take kindly to other people ordering him about, but would obey a child. There were very few people he didn't like. If he found one he didn't like...no one knew but me. He would walk up, smell them slowly, and plant himself at my feet. He never bit anyone, but was plenty willing, on command only.

He herded my chickens and cattle. He let orphans chicks nest in his wool, and broke up rooster fights at a word... They are very thinking dogs. When BRT's started coming to the US, judges did NOT check their bite in the rings. They were notorious for being unruly, and yes, they would bite. These dogs were bred by the Red Star Army, to be war dogs. They look like fluffy doodles, but they are a guarding breed. Today most judges handle them without issues.

Like any breed, the confirmation rings are changing the BRT's. There is a reason I got a GSD, instead of another Blackie. (mostly health and conformation changes I don't care for) These are high dollar dogs....and there has been a large increase in breeders.

Blackies are NOT a dog for the average person. They can be serious dogs. Over the years in the breed, I have seen several good dogs put down for aggression. The problem not the dogs, but owners who treated them as a giant poodle. People who wouldn't do the socialization , and training needed for these dogs. Pups were let to run the house as a pup...then at 100+ lbs later, around 18-24 mos...they continued to run the house. There is only one way to handle these dogs, and that is firm and fair. They are also not kennel dogs.

Not unlike GSD's...there are breeders that are doing BRT's no favors. There are those homing these dogs to anyone with the $$. Most who should have a dog of this caliber. At $2500-$3500 a pup...all you need is a boy and a girl...Unfortunately.

As with any breed, there are those that do not represent the standard. None the less, it is a breed I fell in love with for what they were meant to be.

OK...I feel better now :-)

An image


by Sunsilver on 17 April 2018 - 16:04

Thanks, HerBazen!

by Gustav on 17 April 2018 - 16:04

@ Jen.....lololol, you are way too generous! Haha

by HerBazhen on 17 April 2018 - 18:04

You're welcome Sunsilver !

..and thank you for taking the information, in the flavor it was meant :-)

by Jenni78 on 17 April 2018 - 19:04

Lots of common sense in that post, HerBazhen. Much applies to GSDs, as well. Some who have behavior problems brought them on themselves. Not all...but some.

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