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by Jessejones on 12 April 2018 - 03:04

Correct, that does not describe east Germany. The DDR SV program was very organized very similar to west Germany with a few differences after 1950.
Sounds more east, like Rumania perhaps.
I heard years ago from work collegeues from Romania that it was common for dogs to run free further east back then. Even dangerous at times to encounter packs of dogs in villages and towns.

by Hundmutter on 12 April 2018 - 05:04

But just to be clear, Val, you would not claim surely, that, however good (& however 'civil') they were, any dogs you owned or knew then, which came from those free-wheeling mongrelised origins were "typical and desirable as German Shepherd Dogs" ?

by Centurian on 12 April 2018 - 14:04


by susie on 12 April 2018 - 20:04

Sorry Valk, but after talking about DDR and it's dogs several times I wrongly assumed you are talking about DDR again.
Why are you not willing to name the country you are describing?

Another question: You are talking about " clubs " - organized clubs, official trials ? What did you do within those clubs ?

I am lost - I know things have been different in the Eastern countries but without explanations we are not able to understand you.

by ValK on 12 April 2018 - 21:04

Hundmutter, you shouldn't look at this only as black and white.
what i described previously is just generalized picture of breeding approach in society, where dogs didn't been considered valuable commodity, which can be utilized for making living.
main role for dogs was to be practical and efficient watchdogs and nobody was looking for companion pet dog.
but it doesn't mean there wasn't selective breeding, based on particular breeds. it just was on mini scale and never been well centralized or regulated like in Germany or in West overall.
civilians did bred the dogs, which were considered to be rare breeds at that time.
selective breeding was a reason, why other clubs, which didn't have access to border dogs, did contact us, to get fresh blood for their local
breeding programs.
at border kennels only purebred GS dogs was used, with constantly imported new blood from DDR. they particularly was very picky in breeding.
in these kennels wasn't enough to be purebred GS but to be used in breeding, they dogs must not only be working but excel in work.
some part of dogs from their breeding did end up in possession of civilian and spread their genetics in civilian breeding, either recorded in club's books or with no any records at all.

as for "free-wheeling" dogs - i'd never owned one. nobody ever used them for other purpose than watchdogs and in this role they was quite good. at least i never seen the dog, who with wagging tail run to greet stranger, entering their territory. one need to be very careful, entering perimeter with a dog. 100% certainty that dog will attack and bite, regardless of size and origin.

susie, it wasn't breed based clubs. rather "department" for working breeds under umbrella of paramilitary organization. yes, we did have trials, i even won one for juniors as an 11 y.o. kid with my first dog. but i guess it just because at that one i happened to be youngest participant :)

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