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by German Shepherd on 28 December 2017 - 14:12

I purchased 2 Imports from Radovan Plavsic 2 years ago-
I never got registration papers and I started contacting other kennels in Serbia
supposidly Their was a discrepancy on the Male Dogs registration and people told me that the Male They sold me Leo od Stepe Stepanovica was not really the same dog ( supposedly Leo failed Hip rating and they were using him for breeding so they re-registered the dog?)

was told " Big fraud they pit other dog HD ED and Dr Telhelm discover fraud and call them again on x rays and never was come and Radovan was banned and disqualified , contact asocijacijanosrbije@gmail.com to Serbian club and will get the answers"

Well the dog just up and died the next week, the Vet said it was the dogs heart,

(Radovan sent me papers later after the dog died)
and I contacted Radovan and He said he was NOT breeding anymore and I talked to his son Djordje via IM video and he said he was taking over the dog business for his father and he had big problems , something about females his father sent to America and they had bad health and Djordje was so upset and couldnt offer me a replacement at that time, he said he might also be out of the breeding selling business,

well Guess What!!!!!!!!!!!!! Radovan is still selling dogs- I see him posting and he even replied to my wanted female ad AND Djordje IS still also breeding and selling

so I want to know why they sold me a dog that obviously was Unhealthy!!!!! because It died and I am also going to find out now what was up with the HD on this dog

They told me they were NOT breeding / selling Shepherds and could not replace this male they sold me that died,
that is a lie,, see:

Sent Dec 28, 2017 11:43 AM from radovan plavsic
We have three women in the offer...
SOLGA....old 3,5 years
She is pregnant
37 days.
confirmed on ultra sound ..
minimum 7 bars on ultra sound
price for Solga is 2200 euros with shipping..


Adel is coming soon to ovulation
price..2000 e with shipping

She is three days in ovulation
She have,,..SV HD..ED..DNA..IPO.KKL


by ruteam on 31 December 2017 - 11:12

I am Djordje Plavsic,breeder from kennel "od Radovana Plavsica".
Please Admin to not delete nothing from Mrs. Linda post and to wait on my respond.I will respond just one time and that will be all.So,please not delete nothing and will recieve my respond.
mrdarcy (admin)

by mrdarcy on 31 December 2017 - 11:12

Thank you, hopefully we can clear this up, I have messaged both you and your father but no replies yet.

by Ban3435 on 09 January 2018 - 19:01

I bought a pregnant female from Radovan plavsic 2 yrs ago and I never got the papers from him on the dog neither , I contacted him numerous times , all I got is one story after another but never got papers ! Just a bunch of lies , Avoid dealing with radovan plavsic ! Very dishonest!


by ruteam on 10 January 2018 - 18:01

All right,before I start just to apoligize because my English,not perfect,also my grammar,but ok,hope that people which read will understand what I will say.


My name is Djordje Plavsic,I am breeder from Serbia.My kennel is ''od Radovana Plavsica'' registered 1990 years FCI number 2837.Owner of our kennel is my father Mr.Radovan Plavsic.So,28 years works in this job with this breed,with out ANY PROBLEM and now somebody just like that to start with this and write what he want,sorry but no!!


So,I will write in name of our kennel.Not will write my father or some other people for us,just me!


I know that Mrs Linda not will understand nothing because she not want to understand,she want a game which I not accept to play,but ok,I want to Admin read this and to I can continue normali to work like all this years before with any problem here.



Yes,we sold dog to Mrs LInda Strand from USA.We sold to her male and female.Now she write here how she have problem with male.Ok,to explane.Try to be short but it will be difficult because all situations.


Mrs Linda Strand buy from us,male which name is Leo od Stepe Stjepanovica.

Many people in my country Serbia,know what was happend with this.Many people in my country Serbia know that in this litter where was one more male,brother from Leo od Stepe Stjepanovica.What happend?


Nothing,one male have problem with dysplasia.This male which we sold to Mrs Linda Strand was brother from that male with problem.And that is all story.

Now to explane better!


Mrs Linda Strand in her post in start write BIG LIES and now I will explane.

She say in her post:


1. She say that Leo od Stepe Stjepanovica have failed Hips and that we re-registered him on different dog.


2. She say that Dr.Telhelm discover fraud and call us again to come on x reys and we not come with dog.


3. She say how than my father Radovan Plavsic was banned and disqualifiled from our association.


Well dear Mrs Linda Strand,when you write this things,than you need to have BIG BIG PROOF for that,because this is very serious things!

Dear Admin in all three case Mrs Linda Strand say 3 BIG LIES for me,my father and my kennel.


Now to explane:

1. Me and my father not a breeders from Leo od Stepe Stjepanovica.He is not from our kennel,we not breed him,he is from other kennel and other owner.We not gives him name Leo,we not register him anywere,we not do pedigree for him,nothing.

We just take that male from his owner which gives him name,which do pedigree for him.So,we just take him to work with him,do material and to sold him,that was all.Male was very interesting for us and that was all.


Of course,we know for problem with his brother from litter and for displasy but,WE TAKE HEALTY DOG,NOT HIS BROTHER WHICH WAS PROBLEM!!That things Mrs Linda Strand not understand I will explane laitter why she not understand that.


So,one more to tell....Me and my father just take Leo od Stepe Stjepanovica from his real breeder and owner,take pedigree in our hands and male was with us,After few time we sold that male to Mrs Linda Strand.We never going to any Veterinarian with this male to do x rays.That was do his real owner and breeder and he was Hormal-Normal.So,again...WE NOT DO NOTHING,NOT GOING ANYWERE WITH HIM,NOT DO ANY X RAYS.

His real breeder do that and after all that we take dogs in our kennel to work with him and after few time we sold him.That was all.


So,this is FIRST BIG LIES from Mrs Linda Strand,that we registered that male,re-registered,change something or I not know what.She can chack why registered that dog,why do pedigree for that dog and she will see that WE NOT DO THAT!!!





She say that WE DO X RAYS to Dr Telhel and than Dr Telhelm discover us and than my father was banned from our assotiation.

Dear Mrs Linda Strand,me and my father Radovan Plavsic,never was with Dr Telhelm,never meet with Dr.Telhelm,never bring any dog to Dr.Telhelm to do x rays,NEVER IN OUR LIFE!

So,this is your SECOND BIG LIES.

Contact Germany,contact Dr.Telhelm,ask if me Djordje Plavsic or my father Radovan Plavsic come to Dr.Telhelm,bring any dog,do one time x rays.NEVER!!

So,this is your SECOND BIG LIES,but of course...its just easy tol write something and not have any proof for that,ANY PROFF!!

I told you and told you again....contact and ask and chack did me or my father register Leo od Stepe Stjepanovica-NO WE NOT DO THAT.

Contact and ask did me or my father was just one time to Dr.Telhelm-NO WE NOT!!



Now...THIRD BIG LIES from Mrs Linda Strand

She say....after that my father Radovan Plavsic was banned and disqualified from SV or from our assotiation.

Dear Mrs Linda Strand...your THIRD BIG LIES.

Me or my father Radovan Plavsic never,but NEVER was banned or disqualified from SV or our Assotiattion-NEVER!

Dear Admin,Mrs Linda Strand know all this things but she play a game with us and I will explane why she play a game.

Dear Admin,Mrs Linda Strand was wrote to our assotiation in same day when she post here this things for our kennel!And she recieve answer.

Dear Admin,do you know what is she recieve?

She recieve that me and my father Radovan Plavsic NEVER have any problem,NEVER have any banned,NEVER have any disqualified,NEVER have one bad words on our works,expecialy mean on my father Radovan Plavsic.


But of course,its just easy to sit and write bad things,to people read and to not understand nothing.

I will understand people which this will be read,some people will be thing how we are scamer,I know that.Do you know why dear Admin?


Because,every people can register here with out problem.

Because,every man can open forum and post what thay want with out proof or with proof.

Thay just open forum,post something and tha,when many many people read that,than YOU start and ask for proof or something.That is wrong.I tell this honest,as breeder and as honest man.That is wrong on this site!!!


Ok,here have big fraud,big bad sellers,but here have also big bad buyers!

People must be carefulu,I must be carefuly!

I agree that people post something if have problem,but how you now know is Mrs Linda Strand right pearson or me?

We write here,people read and is start wil, think that we are scamer and fraud,and for what???

Because I not want to play like Mrs Linda Strand want???

Sorry dear Admin,I am clean and not afraid nothing.

I say,and I say again. 3 BIG LIES Linda Strand say in start and everything she can to chack.But no,she not shack nothing,she write to other people in Serbia and that is her proof.What is that proof??That is nothing!!


Next BIG LIES from Mrs Linda Strand for our kennel.


She say,that my father stop to breed and to work,she say that I stop to breed and to work.

Every day,but every day me and my father have open facebook account and contact with people from all world.

I use facebook as Djordje Plavsic

My father use facebook as Radovan Plavsic

Every day we are here,on pedigreedatabase with our dogs,put ads,sell dogs,have contact with people from all world,EVERY DAY!

With our same email adress,same contact number,everything is same all this years,son we not change nothing.


But of course,its just easy to write how we tell this,how we thell that.I tell you Admin,we are here with same info all this years,not change nothing!!


And Mrs Linda Strand say how not see us all this 2 years,how not recieve any answer from us.

Dear Admin,last email which we have with Mrs.Linda Strand was in March 2016 year and that was all.My email is the same,email from my father is same,our account here is the same,she play a game with us!!

So,that is 4 BIG LIES from Mrs Linda Strand.


We sell dogs all thios years,worked here normaly and she after 2 years start with this.


5 BIG LIES from Mrs Linda Strand.



She say that male was died after one week when he come in her post!!



We sold male to Mrs Linda Strand in November-December 2015 year!

In February-March she recieve EXPORT PEDIGREE from us for male,

Here need to be honest and to say that she waited little long on our papers,that was our ONLY MESTAKE,and I not have problem to say that.


But,we do export pedigree and she recieve that in February-March 2016 yera.So,she wait about 3 month for papers.


For 3 month,she NEVER,BUT NEVER told us that she have any problem with male,ANY PROBLEM.

Dear Admin,I have all emails.She NEVER say that have any problem with male and here post AFTER 2 YEARS THAT MALE DIED AFTER 1 WEEK????


Is this normal for you,or for some other breeders?I think that is not normal.

After 2 years she contact us on email with story that male died and how we immediatly need to refund money or to send some other our dog,mated females which she see here.



Did she realy think that can to contact us with this crazy story,after 2 years to write me how we send her bad,not healty male and after 2 years to gives her money or some other dog??That is game which I  not want to play and I explane that to her in emails.But,she is start continue with that and than me and my father understand what she want from us.To scare us how she will concat everybody,how she will tell bad things for us,how she will post here about us like she alredy do...but I not want to accept that game.And because that she alredy do all this things.

She not will have nothing from this,she know that very well,because as I say dear Admin,she alredy contacted our Assotiation and recieve anwer and not have nothing because we not do nothing wrong.Just we now have problem,and only we.not Mrs Linda Strand.


For end,I will tell you what Mrs Linda Strand have from proof.


She have some photo from some died male,that male can be which you want male,She send me that photo and tell how that is dog which I send and he died.Admin please!I can send you that photo,when you will see that photo you will understand how this is crazy from her side and sick.


Do you k now what is very interesting Admin?


Photo is from March 2016,and she write in post how male died after one week when he come???

I not want to play this game here dear Admin.



When male come in USA to Mrs Linda Strand,I told her and I have email also.

Dear Linda Strand,if you need official X RAYS for you male please do that there with your Vet,he have here test shot for x rays Normal-Normal and we garanty for that.That we told her.

Please if you need official X RAYS do that with you Vet and no problem at all,mali is corect and healty.WE TOLD THAT TO HER AND WE HAVE THAT IN EMAILS.


She say....not want to pay any more dollars to Vet and not want to do nothing,she want official,and she know that we do test shot for  X RAYS and niot official!ANd because that we told her,DO OFFICIAL MRS LINDA STRAND MALE HAVE NORMAL NORMAL X RAYS.


She not do nothing!


But,of course,its just easy to open forum and start with everything.


Sorry because this big big post,not will write any more because not have nothing to tell!


Thanks and regards 

Djordje Plavsic



Western Rider (admin)

by Western Rider on 10 January 2018 - 19:01

Well said. 

Western Rider

Fantom76 (admin)

by Fantom76 on 10 January 2018 - 19:01

Here are facts as I know them. Linda was sold a dog Leo od Stepe Stjepanovic and sent an export pedigree. I entered a copy of those papers on the dogs pedigree.


His registration number is JR  743862.

On the SV database there are 3 dogs listed from this litter.

An image

The male listed is Leoo od Stepe Stjepanovic JR  743863, not the one sent to Linda.

Note that the 2 females have normal/hips and elbows and that Leo JR  743862 (the one sent to Linda) is not listed. 

Leoo JR 743863 does not have hip/elbow ratings, however he has progeny Gara v.d. Herrscher listed and she has normal hips/elbows.

An image

To sum this up.  Linda was sold Leo JR  743862 who is not listed on SV database.  Leoo JR  743863 is listed on the database though with no hip rating but has a daughter who has normal hips/elbows.

Based on this it seems to me that the dog Leo  JR  743862 who Linda was sold is the one that does not have good hips since he is not even listed on the SV database and since the other one Leoo JR  743863  was allowed to breed and produced progeny with good hips. but that is just speculation.  



by Hundmutter on 10 January 2018 - 21:01

Is there no way of checking an original litter registration (i.e. at an age prior to any HD testing) showing the list of names, and the number, of puppies born as siblings in that litter ?

Fantom76 (admin)

by Fantom76 on 10 January 2018 - 21:01

These are dogs from Serbia. We are lucky to even have 3 of them listed on sv-doxs.net. But as you can see, the listing of reg numbers is according to the way that the Germans usuallydo it. The males first alphabetically, followed by the females alphabetically
Leo JR 743862
Leoo JR 743863
Lara JR 743864
Lexy JR 743865

So if there were siblings they would be males with name alphabetically before Leo or females with name alphabetically after Lexy.



by Hundmutter on 11 January 2018 - 07:01

So 'Leo -----62' AND 'Leoo ----63' did separately exist, then ?  Puzzled how one dog got 'mistaken' for the brother, even so.  An extra letter on a dog's name usually isn't enough to pass one off as another, things like external appearance, tattoos (if used), availability at a place and time tend to get in the way of substitution.   Really curious.

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