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by Dawulf on 10 April 2017 - 23:04

I'm not saying they all are. I'm saying many are. And that's what they produce.

Kick me out for stating an opinion? Go ahead. I've got a puppy to train.

by Bavarian Wagon on 10 April 2017 - 23:04

How many of those high point dogs have you met? Honest question. How many podium dogs have you been around...close enough to touch, or maybe have on a sleeve. Or even just hang out around them to see what they act like off the field. I'm not trying to be offensive, but I'd like to know more about where your opinion of "high point" dogs is coming from.


by 1Ruger1 on 10 April 2017 - 23:04

whoa! Lol What happened to my happy thread ? Some things never change around here. 

Moving right along then,,,,:) 

Jenni~ Things have changed quite a bit in my personal life over the last few years and I'm extremely fortunate to have the experience and guidance of a man that knows far more about training dogs and sport then I do! I am in very good hands so to speak lol ~ as I said this thread was mostly for my benefit to have an opportunity to share my endeavor with you all and to gleen some insight to add to our adventure especially where the "pretty" comes into play, lol he's not concerned with pretty so to speak, but that's not to say he doesn't have a good eye for a good looking specimen. He's just not as particular as I am about the pretty part ,,,, lol 

As far as Prince, he has calmed down tremendously with age and he is doing well. I understand your concerns about the influence an older dog can have upon a puppy, but in our situation this won't be an issue. 

Laura271~ hello there :) I always did admire your handsome male Bosco! I will have to check out that Facebook page thanks ,,,

reliya~ thank you for the Pm,,, I will look at it asap. :) 

richcarne~ thanks for the link :) 

Bwagon~ congrats on the V !! Yes. As hex mentioned ! Let's see a pic :)





by Jenni78 on 10 April 2017 - 23:04

That's great, Deanna. Good for you. :)
mrdarcy (admin)

by mrdarcy on 11 April 2017 - 08:04

Ruger wrote..." whoa! Lol What happened to my happy thread ? Some things never change around here."

You got that right!!! Ruger you have been around here long enough to know where threads always go, it's the norm, lol.Wink SmileThinking

For those members that just have to bicker, get lost, go to PM's and play. Now get back on topic without the point scoring. If you can't give constructive advise to Ruger than keep walking!!!


by Dawulf on 11 April 2017 - 22:04

Quellwasser is another one, Ruger.


by 1Ruger1 on 15 April 2017 - 03:04


Hey thank you all for your input and for the feedback! :) 

I'm excited to say that I'm pretty sure we found the little beauty ! I mean the little beast !! ;) 

We will know for certain tomorrow and l will be anxious to share the details!

thanks again ! 

mrdarcy (admin)

by mrdarcy on 15 April 2017 - 07:04

Thumbs Up

by hexe on 16 April 2017 - 00:04

Waiting with bated breath, Ruger!

by 1Ruger1 on 16 April 2017 - 20:04


check out my new thread on the "main" board !,,,,in case you didn't see it :))

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