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by Mithuna on 11 March 2017 - 05:03

With the foods I suggested above the dog produces about 1 time in 24 hrs firm, low moisture poop. Way less that the 6 times in day when you give kibble. Most of the filler cannot be digested.

An image


by Hundmutter on 11 March 2017 - 16:03

Lovely ! And "Way less than the 6 times in a day when you give kibble."

I have been feeding assorted 'kibbled' foods for 30 years and more, to a variety of dogs, and - while I agree that many lesser quality dog foods result in less good digestive consumption, and therefore a greater amount of excrement than others - I have NEVER had to pick up 6 times per day after any individual healthy dog, whatever they were fed, and even if they were regularly fed TOO MUCH (something there for Mithuna to think about, too !). If any dog poops that many times in a day, there is more wrong than its brand of food. Exageration does not help an argument.


by K9gsdlvr on 16 March 2017 - 01:03

Hello there everyone.  Just back from being out of the Country.  I wanted to get back to all of you to thank you again for the advice, thoughts, etc.  My friends are such fantasic people & I'm so thrilled they decided not just to foster this "little man" - but to actually keep him.  They haven't decided on a name for him yet.  We can't find any tatoos on him (I was hoping, so we could trace his lineage - not that it's important to us, just out of curiosity).  I think he'll be a medium drive.  He's already playing and it's not like it was with our high drive dog, Hunter.  Albeit I recognize as he starts feeling better, that may change.  I'm pretty certain his personality won't change too much though.  As I mentioned, he's gentle, not nervous or intimidated either.  He's confident, but not pushy.  He wants to interact with everyone.

I have a couple pics of him, but their pretty awful.  Can't get him to sit still long enough to get a photo either - as he's trying to give kisses Kiss or get in your lap (although too big) - LOL.  Also, these photos seem to show his feet "white" but I can assure you they are NOT in any way white Wink Smile.  He's getting his hair back in many areas (seems to be growing in quickly), although still no hair under his chin; and is patchy on his belly & tail.

An image  An image


by Mithuna on 16 March 2017 - 02:03

If I were you I would definitely rehabilitate that dog with Abady's Elevated Stress or State of the Art granular formula. Good nutrition and regular high level aerobic exercises , and come back with pics in 3-4 months.


by Hundmutter on 16 March 2017 - 06:03

[I think Mith's on commission ! :-)]
@k9gsdlvr, well done to get the photos of a dog who is clearly not used to posing for the camera ! He's not going to win Westminster, but what a sweet face ! Your friends seem to be getting on well with bringing him back into condition, but oh how every hard year shows, doesn't it ? He is such a lucky lad to have been rescued, I hope they still get a good few years from him.

by annkovarik on 19 March 2017 - 15:03

If they want his pedigree get a FULL PANEL DNA TEST COMPLETED.

As for change of diet: It takes 2-3 months to see improvement when it comes to switching dog food. I firmly believe in GRAIN FREE dog food first of all.
I don't believe in supplements: Make your own bone broth (google it many ways to make your own) add additional veggies, fruits, etc.,

I've had issues with dry skin: Coconut oil, fish oil mixed in their food. Apply Coconut oil to dry areas, hairless areas. When bathing use Epsom salt, lavender oil. oatmeal (google recipe). Takes a few weeks but it does work! Pending on what part of the world you're in doesn't matter, dogs are like humans we have allergies. Benadryl is not harmful to animals and does help extremely well!

Good Luck and hope your friend's pup gets better and thank her for rescuing - they are the best family members you will ever have!


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