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by Hundmutter on 16 February 2017 - 20:02

Sorry kmoat, on re-reading the OP I realise you did say this is a male dog. (!!)

Nan might be right about there being Pano pains higher up his leg - and if so, the bone lesions might (or might not) show up on Xrays. The only dog I ever knew who did this hyperflexion thing (a bit) with her pasterns simply did it, without being in any pain or it ever interfering with her movements, or the use of her paws. I think she was just a bit effete, by nature. LOL. [Think: standing with hand on hip ! ;-)] But that's why I wonder if he is otherwise using the wrists entirely normally, walking / running /standing.

by kmaot on 16 February 2017 - 21:02

Wow. Thanks for all the feedback. To answer more questions....he will do with BOTH wrists....and Pano was Dx via xrays in BOTH fronts with classic mottling. Now...he does have UAP (it is attached and in left front with no major changes at this time) BUT again....he will do this hyperflexion on BOTH sides so I will note that as he does it bilaterally....I can't say a result of UAP. His other elbow is clear and he will do in on that side as well.

He has no issues walking, running or jumping on a day to day basis. No issues standing etc. He is very active and shows no pain other than when the Pano has come and gone (and come again lol).

He is pinched a bit in the front .

Hundmutter, there is no interference with walking and the head was blocking a straight left leg which was likely bearing the weight.

Nans gsd, no spinal xrays done but see above re other xrays.

Could a brace be of help? I realize we don't quite know the cause but it is like looking at double jointed fingers at times.....a little odd!!


by Hundmutter on 17 February 2017 - 16:02

Well you wouldn't put a 'double-jointed' human in a brace, would you; you might just send them to work in a circus or for a stage magician !!!

I honestly do not think this is outside the wider parameters of 'normal'. He isn't apparently doing it at the same time with both wrists, 'cos that WOULD affect walking. Provided the leg(s) do not collapse when asked to bear the dog's weight, and provided you cannot find any sign he is in pain because of it, I would stop worrying about it, TBH.

The UAP - hmmm, well I doubt very much this hyperflexion is as any direct result of that. If the UAP is bad enough to show any day-to-day effect, I think we would be talking obvious almost constant pain and limp on that side; and your vet would have found it. Unless it is the dog's own compensation against the risk of fracture - if the aconeal process isn't fully attached to the trochlear notch, there is a greater risk that at some point the dog may suffer fracture, from incorrect pressure on the contact points in the elbow. He may possibly find that standing with his wrist flexed in this way just eases a slight 'pulling' sensation for him ? But as it seems you are saying the UAP only affects one of his elbows, why would it be bilateral ? I doubt there is much you could do about it, in any case; in the UK we have one or two very special vets who go in for devising all sorts of external supports and internal replacement joints for the canine body, you may well be able to find someone in the US who does similar experimental work (or who would just replace the elbow joint entirely) - but its unlikely to come cheap, and if not strictly necessary, is it worth it ? And you'd apparently have no guarantee that such surgery would cure the hyperflexion as well. The UAP may eventually, with passing time and age, make your dog prone to arthritis;  but then, probably the surgery itself could also have that effect in the end.

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