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by Noitsyou on 13 September 2016 - 20:09

I used or to give you the benefit of the doubt.

I'm Awesome-American.

My joke was funnier.

by beetree on 13 September 2016 - 20:09

You still got an earwig crawling in your head.

by joanro on 19 September 2016 - 20:09

She's bombed and a liar...not fit for potus. Her statement before msm chopped it...


by beetree on 08 October 2016 - 21:10

I can't for the life of me figure out how one determines she has any hint of brilliance, a clue about banking, or investments by reading snipits of the Wall Street speeches from Wiki Leaks.

Her high speaking fee has to be money laundering for potential White House access. It can't be for substance because there isn't any!

by Noitsyou on 08 October 2016 - 22:10

Compared to Trump, or any of his worshipers, Hillary is a genius of Einsteinian proportions.

Case in point: the link Joanro provided is a lie. That was not a copy of an email from Hillary or Podesta. It was an email sent to Podesta.

This is the email heading, from Wikileaks: "From:orca100@upcmail.nl
To: sbrown@politico.eu, cwinneker@politico.eu, jplucinska@politico.eu, bsurk@politico.eu, jbarigazzi@politico.eu, ehananoki@mediamatters.org pdallison@politico.eu, abernath@law.georgetown.edu, podesta@law.georgetown.edu, tyler.kingkade@huffingtonpost.com, antonia.blumberg@huffingtonpost.com, roy.sekoff@gmail.com, whitney@huffingtonpost.com, stuart@huffingtonpost.com, maygers@huffingtonpost.com, david@huffingtonpost.com, cindy.vanegas@huffingtonpost.com, louise.ridley@huffingtonpost.com, aubrey.allegretti@huffingtonpost.com, eamonn@helprefugees.org.uk, nharvey@doctorsoftheworld.org.uk, kate.sheppard@huffingtonpost.com, igor.bobic@huffingtonpost.com, stephen.hull@huffingtonpost.com
Date: 2016-02-21 18:10
Subject: What's the difference between a German and a shopping cart? A shopping cart has got a mind of its own"

How many of us have received spam emails before? No one ever got one from some Nigerian prince? So the question is why did Joanro's source claim it was from Clinton? It clearly was not, according to Wikileaks itself. The other question is why did Joanro fall for it and post it here? Did she know it was a lie and wants to lie to us? Or is she not bright enough to do a little fact checking? With that said, if she truly cared about facts she wouldn't be reading the gatewaypundit.

by Noitsyou on 14 October 2016 - 22:10

Amazing how scary facts can be that they make some posters run away.

GSD Admin (admin)

by GSD Admin on 15 October 2016 - 04:10


by beetree on 15 October 2016 - 21:10

Apparently, the facts of the matter point to the incredibly undemocratic methods of the Democratic Party, illuminated for us all, courtesy of the Wikileaks Podesta email dumps and more recently, Michele Obama, herself.

Imagine the humiliation of Bernie when he finally understood, how he never had a chance to be democratically elected and has been played like a fiddle. He is in very good company, the varied groups being played are sounding like a whole blues band full of red necks. Lordy knows how stupid are those Catholics and other religious ninnies prone and known as Evangelicals.

Michele even said and confirmed it in her recent speech when she praised Hillary for "waiting her turn".

I will not be surprised when it turns out next to be Michele's own turn. Your voice or choice, (What difference does it make?) is preordained and you will love it.

by Noitsyou on 16 October 2016 - 18:10

Illuminated like the email Joanro posted which I demonstrated was a lie.


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