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by Ruger1 on 11 January 2013 - 18:01

I have been researching how to incorporate raw into Prince's current diet regime. Yesterday I was at the animal supple store and the manager showed me a product they just started to carry called Tuckers. Here is their website link  http://tuckersbones.com/index.html

I have never heard of this company before and wondered if anyone has had any experience or information on this product. The manager told me that this company does very little in the way of advertising and in turn can keep their prices down. 6lbs of frozen/fresh meat with two proteins plus pumpkin is $23.99.

by LynOD on 11 January 2013 - 18:01

That is 3.99 a lb a bit steep for me I pay between .90 and 1.90 a lb for my raw.  I did get venison for just over 2.00 ( it was ground by a butcher) and that's the most I will pay for raw.  If I had to feed my 3 on 3.99 a day I would be broke!

by EuroShepherd on 11 January 2013 - 20:01

I personally don't feed my dogs pork at all, they do not digest it well and they get the runs and stinky gas.   

I don't know how much they're charging for those meaty bones,  but my local Giant Eagle grocery store stocks big meaty beef soupbones in their meat department, they cost me approx. $1.25 per bone, the bones average 6 inches.    

by Nans gsd on 11 January 2013 - 21:01

It does seem a bit pricey;  however, most of the raw prepared diets are around that price.  $3.00/4.00/lb.  K9 Kravings is a little cheaper in my area (San Diego area).  One supplier can get K9 Kravings chicken/turkey and some others for about $2.00/lb.  You are probably better off to get the grinder and make your own.  Am not too excited about them adding their own vit/min mixture;  and they do not mention which one it is or the breakdown. 

On the upside, I do feed and use pork products for my guys, I do freeze them first for a while usually not too long maybe a month or so;  then feed.  Guess I am lucky I have not had any problems with it and pork neck bones and usually pretty soft even my 14 year old girl can eat them and she is missing half her teeth.Angry

I stay away from the small rib bones, use larger beef rib bones and when meat is off bones pick up and throw away.  But I stay away from smaller pork rib bones.  FOr your info only.  Nan

by andhourspass on 12 January 2013 - 00:01

Never heard of Tuckers, K9 Kraving is very expensive but is good. I fed it for a few years before it broke my bank account, now I get chicken quarters and beef through a restaurant supply store at a lower cost. One thing to note: DO NOT feed raw at the same time as kibble - make them two separate meals several hours apart. They digest at different rates and when combined can cause severe diarrhea.

by Bhaugh on 12 January 2013 - 20:01

I too think that's pricey. You can do better by grinding it yourself. Most owners I talk to are afraid they will not meet the diatary needs of their dogs by going raw and really if you feed a variety, you really dont have to worry about it. Just take the plunge and see how your dog does. You can always go back to kibble if its not for you.


by beetree on 13 January 2013 - 00:01

Ruger1, this is how I started off Mojo: At the morning meal give him a raw thigh or two, with the skin off. He could probably eat half a chicken, with skin on, so you could try that too, but if he's a connossieur, set in his ways, like Mojo, it did not come "natural" to him. Still, Mojo is only lukewarm to raw, but that's because I did not go cold turkey, which was probably the best advice that I ignored. LOL  Rip the meat off a bit but leave it on the bone. If he turns his nose up... put a bit of your coconut oil on it.  I used up my Salmon oil, so I'm going to try your coconut oil, myself.  

Add a big spoon of Greek yogurt. And pumpkin for fibre. A whole raw egg. Except I only do the yolks because I'm feeding a puppy.... whites are not good to give to puppies, for anyone reading this! I still haven't given Mojo the shell, but others have.

Ditto to Europshep's post, too. That is crazy... to pay for a beef bone in shrinkwrap.  Just go to your butcher and get marrow bones, have them use the saw and cut them. When the marrow is all gone, and they've got what they can, throw the bone away... when the dog isn't looking. 

Second meal, is the hamburger meal. I add the egg about 2/3 times a week. Okay to add a probiotic to the hamburger. Cottage cheese is okay. And also, canned sardines and other fish fillets, makes a third meal, every now and then. 

You don't need or  want to add calcium when you let them chomp the bones in the chicken. After he gets the taste for raw chicken, use all the parts....

Watch the stools, and make your adjustments, add pumpkin if runny. If it is greasy ... too much fat.... I think that is right... I'll double check that and edit if wrong...lol

Good Luck and your dog's teeth will love you! 

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