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by Royal1 on 26 April 2010 - 00:04


After watching this video, the dog with bigger head & jaw has higher force bite.

malinois - force bite 195 pounds
Dutch Shepherd - force bite 224 pounds
American Pitbull - force bite 235 pounds
German Shepherd - force bite 238 pounds
American Bull dog - force bite 305 pounds
African Wild dog - force bite 317 pounds
Rottweiler - force bite 328 pounds
Wolf - force bite 406 pounds
Mastiffs - force bite 556 pounds
Kangal (Turkish dog) force bite 743 pounds
Hyena - force bite 1000 pounds


by Jackal73 on 26 April 2010 - 05:04

 ... Hyenas aren't dogs, and don't belong on that comparison list.

That video is also full of all sorts of supposition.  Did they test multiple individuals of a given breed, or single individuals?  It looks like single individuals to me, which says nothing about the breed as a whole, and the results are just about how hard an individual dog is willing to bite.  They also bring in a lot of supposition about other breeds.  Ultimately, beyond a certain point does it matter?  Hyenas have the bite they do because they break open bones to use for food. Other large predators have the bites they do because of the relative size of their prey. The dog has to bite hard enough to do a particular job (break a limb/hold a victim/tear a tendon or sever vertebrae on prey).  Once that critical point is reached, extra is not functional.

by Royal1 on 26 April 2010 - 06:04

I wasn't sure about Hyenas since they are 4 wheel drive, all leather, running vehicle.

Anyway :)

If a German Shepherd had a same force bite like an wolf, would it serve advantages for police, military, guard dog and etc.....
leciesters doghandler

by leciesters doghandler on 26 April 2010 - 11:04

if a gsd had the same bite force as a wolf would it serve advantages .....


well id say no because the police they train to bite and hold with minimum amount of force( they try not to cause bleeding) and as guard dogs ..no because there job is to keep people out not to kill anybody who comes to close but the military  i would say yes and no yes because if it was a sentry dog or patrol dog you would want the maximum amount of force to take out your ''enemy'' but no on the other hand if the dogs job was to track ,detect mines,bombs etc then you wouldent need that stong bite so it depends on what job the dog does

regards clint


by Sunsilver on 26 April 2010 - 14:04

Jackal is right about hyenas. They are not in the dog family, but as they mainly scavenge on the kills of large cats like lions, their teeth are adapted for cracking open bones. I remember one palentologist who'd worked in Africa saying that hyena poop would actually get fossilized because it is mainly bone shards!    I certainly wouldn't want to be bitten by one of them!

by Royal1 on 26 April 2010 - 15:04

[quote]i would say yes and no yes because if it was a sentry dog or patrol dog you would want the maximum amount of force to take out your ''enemy''[/quote]

Interesting! Thanks :)

by missyfly96 on 26 April 2010 - 23:04

This is interesting, I saw a show on Animal Planet that said the Rottweiler had the #1 bite force, German Shepherd #2, and I believe a Pit Bull was #3 in the "Dog" world!

by yoshy on 27 April 2010 - 00:04

quite honestly i find the whole research on this topic BS. who can really tell a breed average PSI in bite strength. Whether a dog is gripping his hardest or simply engaging in a game of tug.

Shoot look at the different style head structures in shepherds alone- thin narrowed head with long muzzle --- box head with short triangular muzzle etc.....  

or a german rottie with smaller compact working dog VS gigantic soft american rotties.

or breed variations in pits


 ive got punctures in my arm right now  that went threw a nice new suit with neoprene gauntlets  from a 55lb female mali.

Ive caught shepherds who didnt have the bite strength or intensity of my house cat- and ive caught some that felt like they had enough torgue and pressure to rip your arm out of socket. and the same with many other working breeds. 

All that matters is they can inflict the damage necessary to complete the task at hand.

+ i dont like the fact that they leave a great number of breeds out.  like for example the african boerboel. these are monsterous 160+lb dogs bred to have no fear and have a head the size of a basketball. your gonna tell me they arent on that list. its a bunch of balogne. ive decoyed for this breed before  and you learn very quickly to get your flesh out of the bite of they are capable of breaking bones very easily!

leciesters doghandler

by leciesters doghandler on 27 April 2010 - 01:04

yoshy  LOL we must have the same suit because i also have ''holes'' in my arm by a rottie it was like a knife though butter im a big guy and have quite big arms and i knew if the sleeve wasent there then my arm would of snaped or worst but last week i had a hit from a bigg male rottie and apart from his weight behind the bite the grips just was not there i think it depands on the dog itself and like you said it depends if the dog thinks its a game of tug of war or was bitting for real 




by yoshy on 27 April 2010 - 01:04

have to have euro joe start padding them up some more haha.

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