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by Brittany on 10 August 2005 - 02:08

Does anybody have any information regarding to Pseudomonas aeruginosa? I know what it is, which is a hard and very difficult Bacteria to get rid of because the Bacteria is resistant to almost all of the antibiotic medication that's out there. Zambi has this in her right ear... the vet told me that in some cases HUMANS had actually died from having this Bacteria infection. Right now were trying to treat it with bytril ( both oral and the ear drops) and have an anti filamentary medication. Has anybody had this kind of problem before? if so what medication did you try and was it successful?

by Blitzen on 10 August 2005 - 02:08

Did you vet do a culture and sensitivity, Brittany? If so, the sensitivity will show which antibiotics to use. If not, maybe he or she should do that?

by odinfan on 10 August 2005 - 03:08

Hi, I read your post and recognized P. aeruginosa from microbiology lab. I got my old micro text out and found the following information . . . Basically it is a very common organism, found in soil, fridges, hospitals, etc. It’s a very hardy bug, as it can live in pretty much anything with a carbon source, this even includes some antiseptics. Resistance is a major problem. My text states, “The fluoroquinolones and the newer, antipseudomonal beta-lactam antibiotics are the usual drugs of choice. Silver sulfadiazine is very useful in the treatment of burn infections . . .” Keep in mind this is in relation to humans. Additionally, the text states, “except for superficial skin infections and otitis externa, infection by P. aeruginosa is rare in healthy people.” However, it does cause a lot of secondary infections in people with compromised immune systems (approx. 32% of nosocomial infections). Here is a link for some additional info. on antibiotics, etc. in relation to dogs. Haven’t ever had this with my dogs, but I hope this helps and that your girl gets feeling better soon.

by DKiah on 10 August 2005 - 05:08

Actually found it in a vaginal C&S done on my 7 yr old retired SchH3 girl who was spayed a year ago. She had an infection after the spay which we cleared up and now the male is acting like she is in heat and she is doing a lot of cleaning.... Was on Orbax for 2 weeks and now I see symptoms reappearing.. will be repeating the C&S again tomorrow.... may be in for another round of abs.... and who knows what else...

by crhuerta on 10 August 2005 - 07:08

What are the symptoms of this infection?

by odinfan on 10 August 2005 - 13:08

Basically, any time you are disrupting the normal flora, or the host has a weakened immune system, this organism can flourish and become pathogenic. So, since this is an opportunistic pathogen, symptoms can vary, e.g. swimmer's rash, swimmer's ear, skin infections, ear infections, respiratory infections, etc. In some infections a "blue-green pus, whose color is caused by the bacterial pigment pyocyanin" may be visible." (Microbiology 2001) Hope this helps.

by vomveiderheiss on 10 August 2005 - 19:08

I had a female with this a couple years back, I called the vet this morning and asked him what we treated with. We used Medicam and Baycol, both injectible, hope I spelled right. We treated heavily daily for almost 3 weeks before if finally submissed and went away, she never got it back. I did have to wash her ear twice daily and apply otimax too. Hope this helps.

by Brittany on 11 August 2005 - 00:08

vomveiderheiss, I'm treating Zambi with 2 medications 1. Baytril (Both drops and pills) and 2. prednisone (tabs) I think you meant to say baytril.... not Baycol... Baycol.. according to what I had searched up is a dangerous cholesterol lowering drug which you can read at I'm going to be giving theses medications a try and hopefully it will get rid of this stuffs! I don't want to go to option 2! which is surgery! that's the last thing in my mind.

by Zeaker on 02 March 2009 - 21:03

My eight year old male currently has this but his symptoms are repertory related. (Thick mucus from the nose and coughing) My vet has prescribed Zinoquinn tabs which he has been on for 28 days with little results. He recently prescribed both Zinoquinn tabs for 28 additional days as well as Amikacin Sulfate inject able for 20 days. We've been on this regime for 10 days now with little improvement. I'm looking for any suggestions, thanks.

by july9000 on 02 March 2009 - 22:03

My 11 years old bitch lost her battle with Pseudomonas aeruginosa..It started with a vaginal infection that we try to cure with different antibiotics and nothing worked.  She had it for 2 years before it developped into vasculitis and then she just bled to death. (She was on general anesthesia cause we tought her spleen had rupture but she was bleeding from everywhere..) I still cry thinking about her and the whole thing..I just coudn't beleive such a stong dog could die from such a little bacteria..

This is a very serious bacteria..they say if you want to treat it you have to be agressive...


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