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by kmaot on 17 September 2008 - 15:09

Hello.  Does anyone have some ideas to rid a dog of a yeast infection on a paw?

Thanks in advance


by july9000 on 17 September 2008 - 16:09

Yeast infection on dogs is like athlete's foot on human.  I've had great success with product with tolnaftate 1% like tanactin or absorbine jr.  I find Tinactin is easier to apply cause it is in spay.  Apply 2 to 3 times a day for 2 weeks..

It worked for me!!



by Elkoorr on 17 September 2008 - 16:09

Soaks in Epson Salt solution will do wonders. As it is cheap avaiable over the counter, fill the tub with a couple inches of water and have your dog standing in it for 5 to 10 min. Solution mix according to package. Also good for hot/lick spots between the toes.

by beetree on 17 September 2008 - 22:09

 Vicks Vaporub cures toenail fungus, which is what athlete's foot is, (my guess is the main working ingredients would be eucalyptus and camphor, one could make a tincture.) Cured my nail fungus! 


by dogshome9 on 18 September 2008 - 06:09

For my dogs I use Condy's Crystals, workes well it's cheap and a small bottle will last for years


by missbeeb on 18 September 2008 - 09:09

Hibbiscrub, it's what surgeons use before operating etc.  Available from chemists, a bottle lasts a very long time so it's pretty good value.  Dilute well with water and immerse each paw for a couple of mins, rinse & dry. 

by Teri on 18 September 2008 - 11:09

How many times and how long do you apply the Vicks vaporub?   


by beetree on 18 September 2008 - 14:09

 Hi Teri, I rubbed it in every night for at least a couple weeks, mainly because of the strong scent. My nail actually felt better immediately, so I kept applying it, and once my nail became strong again, I sort of stopped, and I am happy to say, I am still fungus free. 

For a dog, I see no reason why you couldn't just rub it on whenever you felt like it, at least twice a day? I don't think there are any downsides to Vicks Vaporub, except the smell, and hopefully that will be a lick deterrent as well. Can't guarantee it though! 

Good luck!


by Falcon12 on 19 September 2008 - 19:09

Is it something you can see on their paws?  My two lick and nibble at their paws regularly but I don't see anything??

by Teri on 22 September 2008 - 13:09

My boyfriends English Bull dog has been chewing on his paws and they look different so I'm thinking his paws must have a yeast infection.  I am going to try the remedies on him. :o)

Thanks Teri

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