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by GoldenElk on 26 September 2007 - 13:09

In my quest to be a better human being I recently re-evaluated my harsh criticism of Ed Frawley and my belief that he is a bloated ego walking about on two legs who makes the bulk of his loot shaking his sycophants down for cash. My exposure to Ed has been limited to a borrowed video (which I could not finish) one that I bought when I was naive (and could not finish) and his website. There is some good information on the website. On his forum, the bulk of the people there are smart and intuitive and are just glad to have a place to talk about GSD's and other working dogs. Since it's been a while since I last had a taste of Ed, I thought I would try again because many GSD people do note his website as a good source of info. Since I have to take public transit to work I copied one of his e-books to read on the trip.

The beginning of the e-book starts off well enough - Title, little endorsement ad about his other products, and then some useful info that could have been written by any competent trainer. Then you hit the FAQ section of the e-book where people have sent in email questions and we get to see Ed in true form. Admitting you are naive about something and seeking help for it is an act of submission - its almost a gift of sorts to the person who is being sought to answer the question; this naive person is prostrating themselves before you, a supposed expert, seeking help and guidance. Instead of respecting this submission, Ed proceeds to berate people for being naive. People are "STUPID" devoid of "COMMON SENSE" and oh by the way "YOU SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT MY DVD AND YOU WOULD KNOW WHAT THE HELL YOU WERE DOING!" Further reading also reveals his abusive tactics when it comes to dog training. He endorses "kicking a dog's ass" if it challenges you - and obviously this brusque approach is also how he chooses to engage people as is evident in his email replies and posts to his forum.

My final analysis is that my previous opinion was correct. Ed is a textbook example of assholery.



by allaboutthedawgs on 26 September 2007 - 14:09

Frawley's attitude toward dogs and people are why I don't go to his site. A friend loaned me two of his DVD's and, frankly, I couldn't get past the cocky bastard's personality to even get to the information. He comes across as such a jerk I resent learning anything from him. I couldn't finish either one.

I can't stand people who are insecure, abusive pricks with a see-saw mentality. The only way he can go up is to put some one else down. If the other person goes up, he's gotta push em' down so he can be up.  And they keep coming back for more. WTF??!

  I think, in the end, an abuser will be surrounded by only the cringing, no self esteem victims who feel that it is okay for someone else to verbally berate them.I can't imagine why people are drawn to and respect someone like this.

I can't stand him. I can't fathom why anyone would put their dogs in this guys hands or take one from his.

by Ravenwalker on 26 September 2007 - 15:09

You may have a point....but i have come across more ego, bad attitudes, schutzhund training than I have in any other sport or in any job. 

Its not just Ed.

He just happens to be ok at business and goes with that. 



by GoldenElk on 26 September 2007 - 15:09

Ravenwalker - you speak an unfortunate truth. Finding a  good club where people are actualy receptive to helping novices learn in an atmospehre where mistakes are expected and not seen as a cause for insult or judgment is difficult. Lots of over blown machismo and gratuitous self importance...its almost as if some of these folks want to act out the fantasy of being a dominant dog in a two legged pack.

by Ravenwalker on 26 September 2007 - 18:09

I think the problem in the dog world is that people dont have to back up what they are running their mouths about.  They can be nasty, negative, ego the size of texas....and it doesnt matter...there is nothing you can do.

If your in the martial arts....boxing or similar sport you have to watch your mouth...because someone will very likely call you on it...and will be willing to test you physically.  Its not so easy in the dog world.


Not all clubs are bad....but you have to watch it.  I just go...keep my mouth shut and ignore the bs.....I will not let myself be pulled into the crap.

by kootenay girl on 26 September 2007 - 21:09

Hehehee....assholery! God, sometimes I'm so "Family Guy".


by Scoutk9GSDs on 27 September 2007 - 00:09

I like Bernhard Flinks and sometimes I wonder why he is associated with Ed. It seems every beginner(me included) has watched some of Ed's videos. They definitely will put you to sleep faster than anything will. The Police tracking video is sort of interesting to watch if you turn the sound down and put on your favorite CD. Has anyone else done that besides me? I even had a Leerburg female once. Yes it was bred by Ed. The only thing I will say about the dog is that I could not get rid of her fast enough. It wasnt her fault though and I have heard of a couple of very good dogs coming from there she just wasnt one of them. He does seem to be good about getting the products out in a timely manner. The discussion board has some good people on it and some not so good advice sometimes. JMO


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