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by M.Carter on 21 May 2004 - 09:05

Greetings Herr Setzer. How are your horses doing? Maybe you can inform the readers of this discussion exactly WHY Herr Grewe lost his SV liscense and left Germany ? Maybe Herr Ricardo will show up to explain why he bred an untitled dog he CO-OWNED more than 35 times without the co-owners knowledge and never gave any of the fees to the co-owner. Not only did he break his agreement with the co-owner but he tried to buy their silence through his lawyer about the situation since he was HEAD breed warden at the time. Ooops....


by Sherman-RanchGSD on 23 May 2004 - 02:05

+++Sherman, I was not replying to you and did not attempt to do so either. I was just making a comment. The rules of becoming an SV foreign judge is in the USA web site or you can call yourself.++ I desire to try and understand WHY is SV certification not considerd IF the membership desires the judges to be? Direction to the information is good food for thaught, I was not aware it is listed on the website. Mabey the information there will provide some insite. Thanks D.L. Sherman


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