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by Mike Russell on 05 April 2004 - 04:04

If the bitch were bred to a black&tan male, then there's a good chance that you would see bicolors in addition to sables in the litter. We've got one female (sable) that we bred to a sable male and got 3 out of 8 pups being black&tan (almost bicolors). Our other female (solid black) we bred to a male (sable that we knew was black factored) and got an even split, 5 blacks & 5 sables. Out of the first litter, we have no idea how many are homozygous sable and wouldn't be able to tell until they were bred; but out of the 2nd litter, we know that every dog is black factored no matter what color it is.

by zoe on 05 April 2004 - 17:04

It¿s possile to predict what colours ,as well as the proportions of these,may be produced by a set of parents. You need to have extensive knollige of the ancestors of bouth male and female ,aswell as the way in wich specific genes are inherrited (with their own type of gene and in corrolation with several other types. It¿s not as easy as dominant and ressesive.In many cases sertain characteristics need ,not only a gene for it,but also genes that for example produce a sertain hormone etc for it to be apparent. You need to be able to create "maps" that show the distrebution and presence of different qualities. To explain the method of doing this is very complecated and would take up far too much space on this site. The best tip that I can give you on this is to buy one,or more,books on the subject.To find these ,the best bet would be to contact a university. The example that shows the way that these "maps" are constructed is also the most whidely spread one,It shows the way the hemofilia is inherrited in humans. I have n¿t tried it myself,but you should probably be able to find it on the net. The predictions that this method will pressent are not absolute fact.They can almoust be compared with weatherforecats. If there are any scientifically secure data thet have shown the way in which colours are inherrited in GSD¿s I would love to et my hands on it. Last I heard there was no such thing awailable and the complicated and timeconsuming prosses that I have described above is necessary.


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