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by chad on 02 March 2004 - 11:03

The reason for the lack of interest as I see it in the UK is that the current so called people in charge who head up the Breed Clubs are not in touch with their membership, I once remember when it was well published that the GSD league all powerfull as it was at one stage would take a vote on it`s council( a postal vote)of it`s members to see who was to remain.The problem is that the Heads of all the Major GSD Clubs in the UK seem to remain in office as a matter of fact and many of the shop floor membership have no say whatsoever, how can the average member of any Breed club who make up the Breed Council have any say in the way it is run when their own leaders do not turn up for Council Meetings,if the English kennel Club wish to promote Breed Councils they sould insist that 1) All Breed Clubs should be members 2)If they do not want to be members or turn up to meetings they should not be allowed Ch Shows( that will get them to turn up). The UK kennel club is happy to discuss the future of the GSD Breed in the UK with the League and BAGSD and yet BAGSD are not Members of the recognised GSD Breed Council, how can a Major GSD club who are supposed to hold the vote for the UK with the SV seperate it`s self from the rest of the UK clubs who are mebers of the Breed Council and still be allowed to talk to the Kennel club about The Future of the GSD in the UK. Now you know why Solo can see no future and any way forward in the UK.


by CAROL on 02 March 2004 - 12:03

I agree with Chad, alot(not all) of leaders of these clubs arent in touch with their membership, but equally members arent in touch with their clubs. I have been to many an AGM of one of the leading clubs, with important proposals to vote on, when your lucky if a douzen members turn up. I would make a suggestion that at the next AGM of BAGSD that a proposal is put forward to join the breed council, but I guess only a handful of members will turn up, those loyal to the EC, and vote against it. It all seems a waste of time. As I said before, this is the reason I dont get involved in 'politics' anymore.

by freundhund on 02 March 2004 - 23:03

Hi Solo and other UK members. I was going to leave this question alone but decided that having been involved on the committee of th initial Main Breed Show in Sydney Australia I would answer. Yes you should have a show. Our Show is a Main Breed Show as we do not do Schutzhund here in Australia. (At least not in somestates legally). Our show is based loosely on the Sieger show as it has been adjusted to met what we can do. Some years we have had off lead gaiting and others not. This has depended on the state we where showing in. Solo start organising a Sieger type show. It will not happen overnight and you might have to start with having it like a normal show but with the senior class placements judge on both progeny and appearance that day. The following year you could then add the off lead gaiting around the ring in the senior classes. I don't believe that you will be able to start with the full German Style of show but that you can work towards it. Possibly modified to suit your conditions ie Working Police Dog Trial instead of Schutzhund. (I apologise for not being upto date on British levels of Obedience) The Main Breed Show here in Australia has evolved over the years and I believe will continue to do so. It is presided over by local judges and works for us. It can be improved on but like all things it takes time. I hope that this helps you with your decision to run a Sieger Show as in the long run it will only help to enhance the breed in the UK. I would like to wish you and those people that help you in this endeavour the very best wishes. Regards Freundhund

by solo on 03 March 2004 - 01:03

Thank uou Freundhund, your posting reflects the precise issue I have been advocating for some years. We can have a Sieger Show which begins with the what is acceptable in the present climate of the United Kingdom, and develop it each year at a pace which is in keeping with reasonable progress. Not all Sieger Shows have a 'protection' test like the German Sieger Show, for example the DUTCH Sieger Show does not have a 'protection' test. I strongly believe we should hold our first British Sieger Show this year 2004, to delay is to allow our sport to further deteriate towards MEDIOCRACY. The problem is the 'DEAFENING SILENCE' from the majority of people involved with GSD in the UK, including the 'so called' LEADERS, GSD Club Committees, etc. They have NO suggestions to REVIVE interest in our 'sport' whatsoever, and fail to grasp the value that a British Sieger Show will bring to the future of our sport here in the UK. The words 'HEADS IN THE SAND' comes to mind. Most act as if everything is rosy, and nothing needs to be 'changed'- I am staggered by the level of apathy within the GSD breed in the UK.

by solo on 17 March 2004 - 00:03

To date NO BRITISH SIEGER SHOW HAS BEEN ARRANGED. The GSD Breed Council ought to resign immediately en-block. If they cannot take our breed forward, then they should not let it stagnate or crumble. Move over and let another organisation "WITH BALLS" get on with taking our breed forward here in the UK.

by HOWDEDO on 17 March 2004 - 03:03

Why don't people like you or Uday start an alternate GSD movement?

by solo on 17 March 2004 - 08:03

There is a growing number of GSD enthusiasts in the UK who are moving towards the International/WUSV system. They are taking one or more of their GSD to Europe, Belgium, Holland, and Germany to compete and for training to obtain the neccesary WUSV breeding qualifications, which are also required in the Working Class of the Sieger Show, including the protection test. Most of these people can afford to have this training done in Europe, however it is important to build such training facilities in the UK, so that the many more can have the opportunity to compete in Europe, and at the same time raise the GSD standard within the UK. The GSD Breed Council should take our breed forward, especially when the WUSV system is in place throughout Europe. There are some National GSD Clubs, such as the GSD League and BAGSD, that have an ongoing programme for "progress" towards the WUSV system, but the one factor they will come up against when they have a 'proposal' for agreement with The Kennel Club, will be The Kennel Club's insistance that such a 'proposal' for 'progress' is supported by an overwhelming majority of GSD Clubs within the UK. Most of these Clubs are run by people who clearly lack the vision required for our breeds progress, and these people then make up the 'delegates' to the GSD Breed Council, so this problem of 'stagnation' within the UK becomes a BLOCK to progress for our breed here in the UK. They currently have 'control' but the falling show entries, reaching crisis levels, and the consequential 'fall in the 'status' of these GSD Club committees, coupled with publicity to highlight the need for progress in our breed, and some of our breeders achieving success in Europe, WILL BRING CHANGE EVENTUALLY. THIS "TIDE OF CHANGE" WILL NOT BE HELD BACK.


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