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Main USCA sieger show handlers - pages | 2| Dog153011515.9 years ago by wildthing >> (goto)
Main Chuck von der LustAssie3793915.9 years ago by GSDluvr >> (goto)
Main Inconsiderate Blocking of Advertiseing SpaceJascanine1306315.9 years ago by Makosh >> (goto)
Main Karma von Regina Pacis VV 1Romina Baumgarten2509215.9 years ago by goldfever >> (goto)
Main Registry in Poland/FCI?vomschmetterling3495115.9 years ago by vomschmetterling >> (goto)
Main Croup improve with exercise I wants to know this?SimlaMirch2968715.9 years ago by wizard >> (goto)
Main Cost of Show puppies: Buy from Germans or US? - pages | 2| 3| Kizz250852715.9 years ago by ZVZW >> (goto)
Main  AKC FACT=Female 8 months/male 7 monthsmichelle@rainbowhighway.com1807515.9 years ago by FerrumGSDs >> (goto)
Main Question for breedersGSDfan2365415.9 years ago by Quest Farms >> (goto)
Main VON DER KILLERAMD3852215.9 years ago by Brittany >> (goto)
Main For Breeders of German Lines (working/show)Dawnmarie1166515.9 years ago by Dawnmarie >> (goto)
Main Gayvilles Narina At Amberixswacky2320115.9 years ago by wacky >> (goto)
Main Karma v Regina PacisRomina Baumgarten3433115.9 years ago by Romina Baumgarten >> (goto)
Main Dollby BohemiaLisa3641115.9 years ago by Lisa >> (goto)
Main Help to post pedigree update - pages | 2| Tata54861215.9 years ago by redcap >> (goto)
Main Mating age? - pages | 2| 3| full metal jacket820223015.9 years ago by wildthing >> (goto)
Main SV Litters Birthed In The U. S.SGBH2517715.9 years ago by S Rogers >> (goto)
Main VON DER KILLERAMD3642115.9 years ago by AMD >> (goto)
Main Looking to buy a Enzo von Buchhorn son or daughterDocc1216115.9 years ago by Docc >> (goto)
Main LINEBREEDINGKENNYR3825815.9 years ago by Brittany >> (goto)


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