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Main Litter expected December 6Georgette1698115.5 years ago by Georgette >> (goto)
Main Puppy Testingsunshine27881015.5 years ago by sunshine >> (goto)
Main elbow callousesVikram2501415.5 years ago by Sham-Schaf Shepherds >> (goto)
Main Hormone TestingMartin3412515.5 years ago by wizard >> (goto)
Main Hip Dysplasia: Number Equivalents.patrishap1181215.5 years ago by patrishap >> (goto)
Main The Mess of GSDCI and KCInodyboy4169415.5 years ago by nodyboy >> (goto)
Main grey puppies - pages | 2| 3| 4| Laura397713315.5 years ago by sunshine >> (goto)
Main Hip Dysplasia: Swedenpatrishap2810515.6 years ago by Pjulle >> (goto)
Main Hip rating equivalentsTbay2037215.6 years ago by Tbay >> (goto)
Main GSD Speciality show in Kolkata on 16/12/04. Big B1126115.6 years ago by Big B >> (goto)
Main Diet For GSD From an Indian weather conditions - pages | 2| Vikram268641315.6 years ago by Big B >> (goto)
Main Traveling with dogs????shak2795515.6 years ago by D.H. >> (goto)
Main USA GSD SchHIII Nationalsgsddebby22081015.6 years ago by gsddebby >> (goto)
Main Cora v d SchonauCalamity2780215.6 years ago by Jantie >> (goto)
Main Hey folks, Who was it that was talking about dog food a couple of weCharlie Ivory931315.6 years ago by Charlie Ivory >> (goto)
Main PUPPY MILL PETITION - pages | 2| 3| Dawnmarie255762215.6 years ago by sunshine >> (goto)
Main Connie v ScharpfenholzCalamity2058715.6 years ago by Jantie >> (goto)
Main Pyometraelizabeth10460615.6 years ago by wildthing >> (goto)
Main Beginning The GSD Journey - pages | 2| 3| GSDLVR207223015.6 years ago by GSDLVR >> (goto)
Main info needed ASAPLaura3800315.6 years ago by Laura >> (goto)


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