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Gorgeous "German Shepherd Puppies"/Champion Bloodl
Stud Dog

Black longhaar SG1 FIN, V 3 ESP (Best TSB), CH RUS
Male for sale

V1 O'Stryder v Nummer-Eins (HD-ED a1 normal IPO3,
Stud Dog

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<span style="color: darkred">R.CW CC</span> MONTESUMA UMBERTO ARCHI BLEK by Burundukova
Male Chihuahua without fontanel, documents RKF; scores R.CW, CC; Description: promising in breeding male, pedigree very beautiful head, harmoniously folded, compact, weight 1850 kg., with a stable psyche. excellent symmetry in colors. I am transmitting to my offspring my type equally to females and males.
Anika's Feliz-Mystic Apache Warrior-L by chiwawamom


<span style="color: darkred">CH</span> Veejim Delta Force At Taradona by JA chihuahuas

hi there,

your chihuahua is the sire of my dog Alfie!! ( tinytoy mighty mouse)

<span style="color: darkred">CH VEN</span> D'AM-L'AC JB-TP MASAIMARA by DAMLAC
Nº6 Toy Dog 2011 - Venezuela
<span style="color: darkred">CH GUA MEX SAL</span> SEÑOR TEQUILA (GRAZA) by DAMLAC
Ch. Guatemala, Mexico, Salvador, Costa Rica. CA. SIC'99 GranCh. Guatemala, Panama y Cuba
<span style="color: darkred">VEN CH</span> D'AM-L'AC NCH-AL KYLE
Posted: 7.3 years ago
Venezuelan Champion
<span style="color: darkred">CH</span> Ouachitah Rialto
CH Ouachitah Rialto
Posted: 8.7 years ago
May 25th 2010
Promise Me's Midnite Train To Georgia by babydoodle
This is our dog Choo Choo aka Doodle.  He means so much to us and has brought so much joy and fun to our lives and anyone who encounters him.  He is a standard Chihauhau weighing approximately 5 pounds.  He is fawn with white markings.  He was born November 19, 2006.  He will be three years old in November.  He comes from champion bloodlines.  However,  he is not a show dog himself as that was not our intended purpose for him.  He is the sweetest tempered chihauhau.    He is very shy when meeting people for the first time.and tends to really shy away from small children and overly hyper dogs.  However, once he has warmed up to you , you better be ready  to play and receive kisses.  He is very smart. He only barks when prompted by a knock at the door or if a stranger  or a strange dog approaches.   He has approximately twenty small stuffed toys which  he knows each individual name to and can retrieve  the one  that you name specifically everytime.  This still amazes us. He is obedient in the commands that we have taught him, (come, stay etc.)  .  When asked if he needs to go outside, he will do an enthusiastic circle (just once) with his body and one bark as if he is saying "Yes!".  He is not the territorial type. He has always been very hospitable when other dogs come to his house.  He does not mind to share his treats and the love of his owners because he knows he is the main lil' guy.   He is very healthy.  He has annual vet visits and gets his teeth professionally cleaned once a year in addition to the care he receives at home.  He loves to go places in the car and loves to prance around Petsmart.  He gets equally excited about returning home.  He wants to be with you at all times and tends to cry for us if we do not have our attention on him.  He is definetly spoiled but thats okay as he tends to spoil us as well with the love and joy he gives us everyday.
Massar Much more Music
Massar Much more Music
Posted: 11.3 years ago
by marcy


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