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The History

Gold Bug 174814 [Mr. T.J. McGovern] born on Jul 15, 1911
CH Gold Bug 174814 [Mr. T.J. McGovern]
Tiny-Doll's Pickwick born on Feb 05, 1974
CH C.I.B,NORD, Tiny-Doll's Pickwick

Sample photo gallery

Lil Gorgeous Girl - Dog: Tiana Rene'e Merley

Lil Gorgeous Girl and proud moma

Tiana at 2 1/2 years old weighing 4.2 lbsTiana and bestie Sheivapretty girltiana and her protector teicoTiana & Shiloh 1st Litter 01-18-2017Tiana & Shiloh 2nd Litter 10-05-2017Tyras 1st Litter, Tiana's first bornGeorge 1st Litter, Tiana's second born sonTino 2nd Litter, Tiana's 3rd sonSerena 2nd Litter, Tiana's only girlNico 2nd Litter, Tiana's 4th sonTiana's Sire EddieTiana's Dam Opra


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Choosing a Male or a Female Dog: What is the Difference

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