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German Shepherd Dog

Litter X

Due 20 dec 2021

Parents: SG1 Sieger Brasil 2018 Osky Mhuramel and SG4 JKL Sieger Brasil 2018 Valentina von Ghattas

Posted by: Angelo, country: Brazil

German Shepherd Dog

A Litter

Due 26 dec 2021

Parents: UKC CH HVCH Lasvada's Ace of Spades CA CGC DN IT NW1 ORT OSD RN TDCH TD-ROM TKP and She-Rock’s Mardan High Maintenance V Carlyn ATD CCF1 NSD TKA

Posted by: KryptonicShepherds, country: United States

Great Dane

Proposed GDAB Litter

Due 15 jun 2022

Parents: CH Colra's Man of the Hour and GDAB Siouxsie Sioux

Posted by: channah428, country: United States

German Shepherd Dog

Upcoming Verpihoeve Litter

Due 22 feb 2023

Parents: Xavi Fihrak and Nessy van de Verpihoeve

Posted by: Alcodina, country: Chile

Doberman Pinscher

A von der Schweiz

Due 20 jun 2025

Parents: Rambo von der Rheinaue and Haisha von Baden

Posted by: Anuuk, country: Germany

Jack Russell Terrier

litter F

Due 20 jul 2026

Parents: Soul Plains Alex Cross and Crazy Crys Kombat QUEEN

Posted by: Elmira021, country: Republic of Serbia

German Shepherd Dog

I - Vardar Wolf

Due 20 oct 2029

Parents: VA8 BSZS 2016, VA3 BEL 2015 Yuri vom Osterberger-Land IPO3 and V Schiwa Vardar Wolf IPO1

Posted by: PulaSSki, country: Macedonia

German Shepherd Dog

z Jirosu

Due 20 nov 2030

Parents: V Brutus Raxiba Bohemia IPO3 and SG Agissa Codast ZVV1

Posted by: jsedlackova, country: Czech Republic


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