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American Staffordshire Terrier

23 sth B litter

Due 24 jun 2020

Parents: JBIS BIS JCH AKC CH JustLike Nightmare by Design and Mel de Can Guasch

Posted by: Simo23, country: Italy

German Shepherd Dog

Future "vom Tal der Rosen" Litter

Due 01 jul 2020

Parents: V Sastor vom Hühnegrab IPO3 and SG2 PT 2018 Imperia von der Piste Trophe

Posted by: jdiogoc, country: Portugal

German Shepherd Dog

Z litter

Due 15 jul 2020

Parents: V4 USCA SIEGER SHOW LSH 2015 Glock Q vom Grunwald Haus IPO3 and BIRA Szenberg BH IPO1

Posted by: Sassyspurs, country: United States

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Lower Saxon A-litter

Due 18 jul 2020

Parents: Int-Ch & Multi-Ch, LJK.BJK.NJK.BWLUx'15 Y Ddraig Goch Knight of Manorbier and Spirit of Caledonia Buschwindröschen

Posted by: Renate Hilger, country: Germany

American Staffordshire Terrier


Due 07 aug 2020

Parents: Bakaroro End Itubori The Best Tcenniy Prize and 2JCAC,JBOB Tcenniy Prize Empress

Posted by: izuminka, country: Russia

American Staffordshire Terrier


Due 20 sep 2020

Parents: Perfect boy of nimiloxus ataxia clear and CH great lady's du domaine de némésis ATAXIA CARRIER

Posted by: nab36, country: France

American Bulldog


Due 01 oct 2020

Parents: RRB Bevo of Dean’s and RRB China of Onate’s

Posted by: ajjenkins75110, country: United States


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