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Newmanhaus Kennels

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Julia Newman


5117 Pala Verde Dr
Fayetteville North Carolina , North Carolina
United States

Newmanhaus Kennels


Newmanhaus Mission Statment

We are a family owned and operated breeding establishment located in Fayetteville, North Carolina just outside of Fort Bragg. Our focus is specializing in breeding Imported German Shepherds and Belgium Malinois matching top quality working class pedigrees producing puppies that are very intelligent, easy to train and make excellent companions. Our puppies are continuously socialized, and tested at 6 weeks using the Puppy Aptitude Test to be broken down into categories. These categories separate the hard working pups from the pups that are suitable for personal protection and family companions.

***** Upcoming Litters *****
Zoey Vom Newmanhaus and Sir Maximillion of Oz Zoey is already started nesting we are expecting the puppies to be born anyrtime this week. Pups should be mostly sables but may have a few blacks due to there pedigrees she had 9 on here last litter.

Farah vom Kandonckhof and Imaro van de Hildewaerde litter is due the 2nd week in Feb 2011 expecting blacks and sables.

Savanna Vom Eichen Hugel and Sir Maximillion of Oz litter is due the 4th week in Feb 2011 expecting blacks, sables and possible black and tans.

Tucy Gymor and Imaro van de Hildewaerde litter is due the 1st week in April 2011 expecting blacks and sables.

AKC Belgian Malinois Litter (middle summer)
Elka van der Woude and Cedric V.H. Bijsterpark


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- Or call anytime at 910-424-2506

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