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V Pepper von Kap Karthago / Dena Mae's Ybajo Usa
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    Smooth Collie


    Sent by Vilda Meduza

    Sweden   country flag

    Location and contact

    Camilla Dandemar



    Phone:0737621677 +46 737621677


    The Collie is a wonderful all-round dog that is perfect as a family dog, train in obedience , tracking, track , search , and is ideal for Service dog in the military .
    For me it is important to breed healthy and mentally sound dogs .
    My goal is to improve the qualities they already possess. It is very important to me that my breeding is that the dogs are:
    • Healthy
    • Mentalit stable.
    • Work Will / joy.
    • Natural retriever
    • combativeness .
    • Concentration .
    • Social
    • Liveliness
    • Large Curiosity
    • Boldness
    • Shot proof,
    Rattling Fast , New Year firecrackers and not be sensitive to sound .
    Casual stability.
    On and off button

    For me to reach my goal , I need all my puppy buyers help to Hip and Elbow x-ray their dogs. Mental Describes your dogs . So I can see how each litters mental health and Hips/Elbow.
    Everything to do an evaluation of the whole litter .
    Then to be able to move on in my breeding and do everything to reach my breeding goals .

    Because if you help me with this will help you make Collie future.
    I will arrange MH Mentaldescription when the time comes for the puppy are around a year


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