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Roger and Barbara Schultz


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We are dedicated to excellence both in ourselves and in our dogs. That is why we choose imported stud dogs and breeding female dogs from the top Czech and East German DDR working bloodlines in the world.
We breed to bring out that combination of natural courage and strength with natural german shepherd working traits in each litter. Our German Shepherds are excellent stereotypes, in both constitution (structure) and pigmentation. Our Superb Working Line Pedigrees represent the Finest Working Bloodlines from the Czech Republic, Slovakia & DDR.
All of the dogs in our breeding program have "dobry" (good) body conformation, strong bones, good pigmentation and strong health. They are also significant for their high food drive, high working drives and early working maturity. The selection of our stud dogs and females is based on their trainability, solid nerves and ability plus willingness to protect their territory. We look forward to helping you find the dog of your dreams!

Legendary K9 - DDR/Czech Bloodlines

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