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Burling'S Red Baron For Brio Rn <span style="color: darkblue">CH</span> by mrdarcy
Hi There, I have sent you a PM.
Burling'S Red Baron For Brio Rn <span style="color: darkblue">CH</span> by BrioBT
It is AKC CH Burling's Red Baron for Brio RN ROM**. I am the owner and unable to edit his pedigree, as well as add the proper titles to the dogs in his pedigree,
Sir Tank's Buster
Sir Tank's Buster
Posted: 6.8 years ago
by LucyandKumba
Hi there, I have one of his daughters born in December of 06. 
<span style="color: darkred">CH (INT)</span> Hana Idol Park <span style="color: darkblue">ICH, HCH, SRBCH, DERBY WINNER</span> by BlackIndian

Nice!!!  Do you have a homepage?

Regard Kennel Black Indian

<span style="color: darkred">CH (INT)</span> Hana Idol Park <span style="color: darkblue">ICH, HCH, SRBCH, DERBY WINNER</span> by Gold Gelb Box
Inter Champion
Hungaria Champion
Hungaria Grand Champion
Hungaria Junior Champion
Srb. Champion
2xCH of CH Jun.Club Winner
Club Winner 25xCAC, 5xR,CAC, 7xHPJ
Derby Winner 
Gold Gelb Box Báró-Boss <span style="color: darkblue">DERBY WINNER</span> by Gold Gelb Box
Hungaria Jun.Champion
SRB.Jun Champion, Srb.Champion
Rom.Jun.Champion, Rom.Champion, Rom.Grand Champion
2xJun.Res.BIS,1xJun.BIS 3
2xBOG 3, Jun.BOB
18x BOB, 6xCACIB, 2xRes.CACIB
17xCAC, 11xHPJ, 4xSrbPJ,2xR.PJ
SRB.Jun.Club Winner,Rom.Club Winner
ÁTK.Speciality Winner
Derby Winner 
<span style="color: darkred">CH</span> Gold Gelb Box Achilles
CH Gold Gelb Box Achilles
Posted: 10.4 years ago
by Gold Gelb Box
Europen Hungaria Jun. Champion
SRB,Jun. Champion, SRB.Champion
Román Champion, Román Grand Champion
Hungaria Champion Jun.Club Winner
Hungaria Derby Winner
SRB.Club Winner
Alpok Adria Winner. 
Ammie Idol Park
Ammie Idol Park
Posted: 10.4 years ago
by Gold Gelb Box
<span style="color: darkred">CH</span> Perennial's Magical Fruit
CH Perennial's Magical Fruit
Posted: 11.7 years ago
by Perennial Pooches

Perennial's Magical Fruit, "Bean" is entered into her first conformation show Saturday and Sunday, March 7, March 8, 2009.  We hope she enjoys herself and stands out.   If she places anywhere in the lineup, we'll be ecstatic.

Hooper's Judge
Hooper's Judge
Posted: 12.1 years ago
by the Ol'Line Rebel

Apparently the foundation of the breed (and thus, not a "Boston Terrier", per se).  Bulldog apparently?

Multi Ch. Izumrudniy Martin Iz Kuntsevskogo Dvorika:

Ch. RKF 
Young Ch. Russia 
Ch. Russia
Ch. Belorussia 
Ch. Luxemburg
Ch. Bulgaria
Ch. Makedonia
Ch. Balcanian Countries
Grand Ch. Bulgaria

We live in Russia! If You interesting of this bright male, You can communicate with us!



<span style="color: darkred">INT CH</span> Oranjelust Royal Showman
INT CH Oranjelust Royal Showman
Posted: 12.5 years ago
by PilotDog

From the BOSTON BULLETIN - December, 1979

Proudly gracing this month's cover is Int. Ch. Oranjelust Royal Showman. Roy, who has been retired from the ring for nearly 5 years, is pictured coming out of retirement at almost 9 years of age to win Best of Breed at Klamath Falls, Ore., Sept. 1, 1979 under judge Glen Fancy. He also took the breed at Medford the following day and was a strong contender for Group placement. He is handled by his co-owner, Ann Spurling Roark.

During his illustrious career, Roy qualified for his championship in 8 countries including the U.S., Canada, The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Luxumborg, France and Monaco. He also holds the title of Bundeseiger, Worldseiger and Winner.

Roy is sired by Int. Dutch, German Belgium & Swiss Ch. SunGlo's Pilot Light, his dam is Int. Dutch, German, Luxumborg Ch. Oranjelust Annie Laurie, both of which are Best in Show winners.

Roy was bred in Holland at the famous Oranjelust Kennels of Mrs. C. J. Koudjis, who is also an International Judge. Mrs. Koudijs purchased Roy's sire from us as a puppy.

Roy still posesses the elegance, soundness, and style of a high order, which enabled him to become the most titled Boston in the history of the breed, He is the sire of numerous champions here and abroad, including his young son, Ch. Pilots Glowing Torch Again, who resides with us at SunGlo Bostons.

<span style="color: darkred">CH FRANCE INTER PORT</span> starlette hoara des hauts coureurs by domaine de la prée





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