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Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier
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The History

B-B's Dude's Little Hobo born on Jul 29, 1972
Ch. B-B's Dude's Little Hobo
St. Botolph's Little King 234409 born on Aug 19, 1916
St. Botolph's Little King 234409

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Starting Your Dog in Tracking

Starting Your Dog in Tracking

Tracking is a sport where the people take the passenger’s seat.  The dog is in the lead and is able to confidently do what comes naturally to it, and we must learn to trust in this ability.  For some people, trusting the dog and letting it lead are two of the hardest parts of beginning work in tracking.

  • An Introduction to Agility

    Agility is one of the fastest growing sports with dogs of all breeds and styles taking part.  It is a challenging, fast paced, and exciting training experience for both dog and handler.

  • Training Your Dog

    For the health and wellbeing of your dog, training should really not ever be considered an option when owning a dog.  Well trained dogs are more likely to be behaved and listen, be void of behavioral issues, be good in public, and are less likely to bite.  Owners also have a much closer connection with the dog when the time is taken to form a relationship through training.

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Yes Adorable Doll Beauty Gremlins

Yes Adorable Doll Beauty Gremlins

Inserted:8 days ago
Female (2538164)
Father: WW09;EUW08 Ax Dagbej
Mother: Cindirella Case Laksheri Regan'ra
Created by vasiliskadis
Cindirella Case Laksheri Regan'ra

Cindirella Case Laksheri Regan'ra

Inserted:8 days ago
Female (2538163)
Father: Castro Boston House
Mother: Your Darling Beauty Gremlins
Created by vasiliskadis
miss bolicious

miss bolicious

Inserted:13 days ago
Female (2536566)
Father: No information about the Sire
Mother: No information about the Dam
Created by MarkPastie
Hecuba Call Me Crazy

Hecuba Call Me Crazy

Inserted:2 weeks ago
Female (2536047)
Father: CH CY, JCH GR. Pepe La Pew Perboster
Mother: CH CY Kely
Created by vasiliskadis

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top male  Quero von der Alten Ruster
06:53 19 Aug 2016
10:53 30 Aug 2016
Republic of Serbia
AT STUD: V +ALADIN vom Bergmannsland IPO 3, kkl1a
20:11 29 Sep 2015
United States
100% Son of Count Ustinov V.D. Ybajo Hoeve
15:09 18 Aug 2016
Southernwind Designs
16:21 04 Jul 2016
United States

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