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Boston Terrier

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The History

Tucker Little Storybook Novel born on Dec 29, 0013
Tucker Little Storybook Novel
Grant's Royale Command II born on Dec 06, 1964
CH Grant's Royale Command II

Sample photo gallery


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Sample Boston Terrier pedigrees

Jinezer Lucky Yankees
Chringel's Star Beatrice Aurore
Courtbarton Puff A Billy
Lillfjällets Baron Bernhard Chickzo
Riley's Bundle Of Joey
Chandis Baccus
Hi-Stiles Family Tradition
Chringel's Star George
Yankee¿s Merja Special Qnut
katellibull twinkling star
Chringel's Star Dorothea
Mike-Mar's King Arthur
Sirolas Charming Viktoria
Sabe's Dandy Caballero

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