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by Behuvius on 11 July 2021 - 18:07


First time poster here...been lurking around reading valuable information!

I am hoping you can help me out too!
I've searched and found similar questions, with some ball park suggestions, but I didn't see a solid answer.

I recently bought an imported GSD puppy from a person in the US who imported the puppy from a breeder in Germany.

I did get the German SV pedigree from this person, however it does not list me as the owner on the back in the Change of Ownership section "Eigentumswechsel".

It does list the person who imported the puppy (who I bought the puppy from) in that section.

It would appear they forgot to fill that section out. I asked this importer to fill out my information and sign it via phone and email, but I got no response (it's been months).

I have read some pretty bad things here and in other places about this person, including not signing this Eigentumswechsel section, and now I'm afraid I adopted from the wrong person :(

I just want to register my pupper in my name with AKC here in the US and I understand they need the Bescheinigung from SV.

When I check the SV website, it says they need their signature in that Eigentumswechsel section on the back of the SV pedigree.

Since I can't get a hold of this person, do I have any other options with SV or AKC?

I have afoption fee receipts, the adoption contract, microchip is in my name etc. to prove I own this pupper. Can they take that information to register in my name?

Thank you all for your help!!

Q Man

by Q Man on 11 July 2021 - 19:07

Do you have the "Pink Papers" with the correct info on it...Meaning the Dog's Name...and Correct pedigree...etc...?

I will PM you...


by Behuvius on 12 July 2021 - 10:07

@Q Man Yes I do have the correct pink papers with the correct info. Please PM me sir!

by Klossbruhe on 12 July 2021 - 13:07

You should make pdfs of all of the documents you have, including the Ahnentafel (pedigree), payment receipts like a check, transfer documents and anything else you have. Then contact the SV office submitting these copies and explaining what has happened and that you are now the owner of the dog as witnessed by your possession of the documents and ask for their help.

Under these circumstances the SV might issue a Bescheinigung. However, a Bescheinigung (certification of ownership) is generally only issued when the SV has the original documents for a breed survey or they are preparing the pedigree and have yet to send the pedigree to the foreign owner. It is proof of ownership. Given that the SV is not in possession of the original documents, they are unlikely to issue a Bescheinigung without receiving them. Your problem is that you cannot send them the original documents because if they get lost, you have no proof that you are the owner. Possession of the original pedigree is the only proof that you are the owner of the dog. It is a tricky situation.

Sometimes threats work and if you contact the person you purchased the dog from and inform him that you are planning to contact the SV and AKC as to his refusal to sign the pedigree, he might relent. Perhaps it is just a misunderstanding...

Also, if you contact the AKC and submit copies of the documents you have and explain the situation, you may find they will agree to allow you to register the dog.


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