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by Gwyny P on 19 August 2022 - 19:08

AKA Alla, Olivia, Sveta, Von Schutz, Von Markgraf . . .

Fast forward to 20 months later =

I have been in contact with the AKC.

Apparently since Zorikova did not sign our contract AND she gave us the wrong birthdate for our puppy, AKC can not or will not help us.

Zorikova will not respond to their email requests for the necessary information to complete our contract. 

AKC representative did say there is room in the litter to register a female puppy, but without Zorikova's proper signature and confirmation of the birthdate, we are S.O.L.

Zorikova told me our dog was whelped October 28, 2022.
AKC says the Breeder paperwork says November 7, 2022 was the whelp date.

This is a 10 day discrepancy.
That means our dog was only 6 weeks old when we got her and not 7.5 weeks.
Nor 8 weeks as Zorikova initially stated though she had us pick up the dog a couple of days earlier.

What reputable breeder lets a puppy go at 6 weeks of age ?
No wonder our pup was sick and vomiting with diarrhea for days after we got her. 
She had never had the "boiled meat and goats milk" diet I was told she was on and to continue giving her.

Responses to my original post here were very helpful and supportive =
We are unable to get a restraining order.
Law enforcement is sympathetic but cannot offer help since it is a Civil Matter.
I have been encouraged to file a Civil Suit.

Though I have not responded to Zorikova since October 2021, she continues to reach out to me by text threatening to sue us AND repossess our dog.

She also uses aliases, "Olivia, Anya Hurtz, Vanda D, Boris Stein, Reggie T, Reno G."

There are over 400 text messages in this chain + a few emails.

She has gone on YELP 6 different times and to the Better Business Bureau claiming I am dishonest, and that she hired us to do work for a friend's home, gave us a $3000 cash deposit and that we didn't come to work and kept the money.

None of this is true.

We never did business with my business.
I only did business with her dog business.

Zorikova stated that I was caught wandering around this friend's home and "escorted off the property."
She accused me of stalking her "movie star" friend.
I didn't know there was a movie star at the house until mentioned it.
I have never been to the house since December 2020, when I paid for and took home our dog.

None of this is true, yet she keeps coming up with incredible stories and publishing them.

We were completely defrauded by this breeder.
20 months later . . . Zorikova ~ the gift that keeps on giving.


by Rik on 20 August 2022 - 12:08

a lot of people, including me have stories like this to tell. you have no recourse other than warn others with your experience and hopefully learn from the experience. I was a slow learner so I can tell several stories.

You will either stick with dogs, do your research next time or you'll call it quits.

it's a shame so many people only find PDB after the scam. I had enough experience that I managed to find PDB before I made the switch to Euro dogs and was very pleased with 3 of the 4 I bought. just from research on this site.

my latest one, I bought without even seeing a picture of her. and I'm thrilled. I guess if I've learned anything, it's to not be so concerned about the dog I'm getting and very concerned about the person I'm getting the dog from.

good luck,



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