Simple pedigree chart for Fiann's Silver Sweet Sound (2002218)

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Simple pedigree chart for CH Fiann's Silver Sweet Sound

CH Fiann's Silver Sweet Sound
AKC/ASCA CH. Briarbrooks Quicksilver DNA-CP
(ASCADL65281 ASCA E87295)
HOF AKC/ASCA CH. My Main Man of Heatherhill DNA-CP
(AKCDL40345702 ASCA E37175)
HOF AKC/ASCA CH Agua Dulce Final Option DNA-CP
(AKCDL41353801ASCA E25864)
CH Winchester's Rollin Rapids
(ASCAE21434 AKC DL48691401)
CH Winchesters Hotline
(ASCAE8325 (AKC DL45942601))
CH Sundowns Midnight Serenade
HOF CH Country Hotline of Agua Dulce CDX
CH Winchesters Hotline
(ASCAE8325 (AKC DL45942601))
Taycins Country Girl CD
ASCA HOF Moonspinner of Brigadoon
(AKCDL50360301 & ASCA E10533)
CH Brigadoon's Moonraker
Patch-Work Thumbelina
HOF CH Windswept of Windermere CD
HOF Fisher's Blue Heather of Windermere UD
CH Briarbrooks Silver Sequence
(ASCAE31030 (AKC DL39058701))
ASCA CH Briarbrooks Coat of Arms
(ASCAE20877 & AKC DL39050601)
HOF ASCA Ch. Fieldmasters Three Ring Circus
Whispering Pines of Flintridge
Fieldmasters Lodi
CH Fieldmasters Kandee Kisses
CH Shadowmeres Close To Midnite
(ASCAE18549 (AKC DL39051602))
CH Briarbrooks Midnight Express
Glacier Crest Naughty Pine
HOF Briarbrooks Marque of Patchwork
Meshlacons Three Pine Carbine
AKC/ASCA CH. Rainyday's The Beat Goes On DNA-CP
(ASCADL82761204 ASCA E108536)
HOF AKC/ASCA CH Bluestems Man-O-Firethorne DNA-CP
(AKCDL67905507 ASCA E104192)
Briarbrook's Black Arrogance
CH Kaleidoscope (Briarbrooks) Case In Point
(ASCAE76021 (AKC DL53445301))
HOF CH Briarbrooks Valedictorian
(ASCAE60489 (AKC DL43679504))
CH Briarbrooks Oh My Oh
CH Heatherhill Make Mine Mink
CH Starswepts Made Of Mink
CH Firethornes Finishing Touch
(ASCAE101478 AKC DL53977703)
HOF CH Briarbrooks Valedictorian
(ASCAE60489 (AKC DL43679504))
CH Briarbrooks Silver Sequence
(ASCAE31030 (AKC DL39058701))
Lake Spring Sophisticated Twist
CH Carolina's Oliver Twist CD
(ASCAE24859 AKC DL40113301)
Sudden Reinbow of Copper Creek
(ASCAE33568 AKC DL39303901)
HOF Cobbercrest Propwash Obla-De
(AKCDL55456101 ASCA E76395)
CH Propwash Hey Jude
(ASCAE56803 AKC DL43084303)
CH Topper's Levis Blues
(ASCAE32600 AKC DL40359301)
Copper Canyons Red Fannel CD STDc
Ch. Bayshore's Lucy In the Sky CD HOF
(ASCAE18852 AKC DL40209002)
HOF CH Sitting Pretty of Sunnybrook
Propwash Motion Carried
HOF, AKC CH, ASCA CH, WTCH, SVCH Beauwoods Rustlin'In The Sun UD, TD, HI, NA, UDT, RD, HTD2S, CKC CD, NA, RVN, CGC, TT
(ASCAE24874 (AKC DL39311301))
CH Peppers Special K
(ASCAE11007 & AKC: DL413409/01)
HOF Propwash Bayshore Fogbow
(ASCAE33323 (AKC DL40423501))
CH Propwash Sambal
CH Propwash Capriole of Bayshore


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