Simple pedigree chart for Dona Long Step (1886793)

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Simple pedigree chart for Dona Long Step

Dona Long Step
INT & MULTI CH White Head Long Step
(JR75805 AST)
CH Mlader's Mad Max
BIS Mlader's Jolly Joker
(HR10530 AST)
INT CH Rainbo Geronimo Mlader's
(AKCRM10942201 (MET 8363/H/96))
AKC CH UKC GRCH Rowdytown's Rainbo Warrior
(AKCRM00067502 (UKC APBT P165-902))
AKC CH. Herring's Lady Freemont
INT CH River Runs Calamity Jane
(AKCRM11069106 (HR 10466 AST))
UKC CH. River Run's Hook Line-N-Sinker
ICH Cindy of Yellowfire
Bingo Of Yellow Fire
CH Tippitt's Danny
Mlader's Casandra Rea
INT. CH Astra Alma
(JKSJR 40083)
INT CH Backwood's Fly KLPOB
(JR75595 AST)
HJCH HCH HG CH Backwood's Sundance Kid
INT CH, HU-CH Backwoods Long Run
CH Red Essex Texas Tex
(MET1884/94 AST)
Schaller's Pecan's Toad Spit
(CORA904-99 / 286)
CH Elite Ring Of Backwoods Cry Baby RCAC HPJ
CH Barberycoast The Alchemist
(JR71598 (AKC RM09361403) (MET 5255 / 95))
HCH Sierra's Silver Charm
AKC/INTL CH/UKC GRCH Sierra-Gaff Maximillion
AKC CH/UKC CH Lil Sierra Percy Penny Packer
(AKCRA936526 02-87 (UKC APBT P175-439))
AKC CH/ UKC CH Red Sky's Velvet
(AKCRL98835205 02-93)
CH Sierra's Red Azalea
AKC CH/UKC CH Lil Sierra Percy Penny Packer
(AKCRA936526 02-87 (UKC APBT P175-439))
Yukon Dare To Be Different
Ach's Golden Rider
CH, BISS De Paco XZ Gold Number AKC-RM33361901
BIS BISS INT CH, Multi CH Fraja EC Gold Standard CGC
(AKCRM25039802 (FIN 28291/03))
CH Fraja EC Rider's Solid Gold
CH Fraja NE Raging Moon
(AKCRM204500/02 (LOI 0012779))
CH. Raging Moon's Fire And Ice
Popstaff Ivory of White Man Ach's
(JKSJR 750001 AST)
INT CH Sindelar's Shane
(JR74577 AST)
CH Sindelar's Bearfoot Countess
YUCH MS Precious Stones Roxy Popstaff
(JR74179 AST)
CHYU,YYUCH,CLW,VCLW Sindi Precious Stone V.Zlatni Lav
(JR71259 AST)
CH Besi Long Step
Wajter Long Step
CH Mlader's Mad Max
ICH Cindy of Yellowfire
INT CH Backwood's Fly KLPOB
(JR75595 AST)
HCH Sierra's Silver Charm
Doris Elegant of Cole
INT CH Big Bubble's Bon Jovi WSG, VDH-ESG
Yankee Tipit Z Hanky
(VDHDCBT 01692)
INTCH Ava Elegant of Cole (1991)
CH MATHA HARRY Anaconda Staff


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