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by Mindhunt on 21 October 2019 - 11:10

Looking for a good quality holistic affordable kibble dog food.  Quint was diagnosed with Perianal Fistulas and has the arthritis that goes along with this autoimmune disease.  I recently had him allergy tested when the neutering did nothing for the severity of his rather large lesions.  The allergy test was saliva, blood, and fecal, pretty comprehensive.  It turns out he is allergic to the very thing I was feeding him (thinking I was a good mom and feeding him good quality fish kibble as a novel protien).  He is allergic to ALL fish and fish products, all lentils including peas, all oat and oat products (can't even have oat oil in his shampoo), and all millet and millet products.  I have him on Honest Kitchen Beef since it contains none of the products he is allergic to but I would like to get him on a kibble as well (HK is very expensive and he is a large dog).  Since he has been on the different diet and I have eliminated all allergens, he is a different dog, no limping or joint inflammation from his arthritis.  Unfortunately it has done nothing for his lesions.  I am looking for suggestions of food that doesn't contain the above.  Thank you.


I am a member of PF/AF support group and have a specialist (internal, derm, nutritionist/herbalist, and regular vet)


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